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20 tips for your best body

  1. Get to bed by 10pm – physical repair largely occurs between 10pm and 2pm. getting to bed late simple impairs cellular recovery.
  2. Drink 3 litres of water per day – fat loss, toxin removal and just about every process within our body requires water
  3. Eat broccoli every day – not just a healthy vegetable its an anti oestrogen  which is great for men and women wanting to improve health and body composition.
  4. Increase your omega 3 intake – aim for 5g per day of quality fish oil and also take a tablespoon of milled fax seed per day. Omega 3 intake is linked with reduction in prevalance of major diseases and in muscular gain and fat loss in many respected studies.
  5. If stressed reduce your workout time to 20 minutes focusing on a few key lifts. as stress is cumulative and we want to keep control of cortisol.
  6. Get yourself assessed – visit a qualified biomechanics coach, dysfunction and bad movement will get worse over time if unchecked.
  7. Take BCAA’s prior to and during training- 10g 30 mins before and 10g during training is adequate in my experience.
  8. If you can’t eat a quality protein and healthy fat based breakfast try intermittent fasting and dont eat till after 1pm giving your digestion a rest.
  9. If you drink coffee make it organicand try coconut oilinstead of milk and dont drink after 2pm.
  10. If fat loss is the goal try multiple short intense workouts per day – eg 4 x 4 min tabata intervals
  11. Change your training regularly– sets, reps, tempo, rest, total volume etc, if you cant periodise these get the help of a quality trainer.
  12. All training sessions must be preceded by a good mobility, activation, warm up protocol (RAMP)
  13. Use multi joint compound exercises for 80% of your training routines eg lunges, squats, deadliest, clean & press, snatch.
  14. Use strongman training once or twice per week – if sporting performance, fat loss or whole body strength is the goal then this is a fabulous way of training.
  15. Make sure you are getting enough of the the 3 key deficiencies –magnesium,vitamin D3, Zinc. Low levels of these are linking to fat gain, lack of strength, low sex drive plus much more.
  16. Take Green Tea– a magic supplement which is anti estrogenic, a potent fat burner, potent anti oxidant plus much more
  17. Replace 2/3 tea or coffee drinks per day with Tulsi tea– this wonder adaptogen helps during times of stress and controls cortisol and has other immune enhancing properties
  18. Remember you are your habits & your schedule – what we do daily will ultimately shape our successes and failures, changing habits and developing a good schedule will make everything more effortless. enlist a good NLP coach to help you with this
  19. Ditch wheat/gluten from your diet to think clearer and drop body fat, reduce inflammation, reduce water retention, the list is endless !!!
  20. Eat protein and veg for each meal – balances blood pH and provides nutrients without insulin spikes.

Written by Miles Halstead