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A Few Closing Thoughts…


It’s amazing that little things can make a difference. When looking at this list a good way to attack it is pick one thing on the list and do that for just one day. Then, look for another thing on the list and while still doing the first thing, add the second thing. Do that until you feel comfortable adding something else. Keep in mind that the items at the top of the list are the most powerful and will create the fastest results. These techniques absolutely work.

It is interesting that people in America don’t realize just how fat they are. I was investigating this phenomenon when people were asked to describe their physical build. The options were slender, average, athletic and toned, a few extra pounds, fat, or obese. Amazingly enough, over 50 percent of the people who picked slender were actually overweight. Ninety percent of the people who picked average were overweight. Ninety-five percent of the people who picked athletic and toned were overweight. What this means is a person may think he has an average build when, in fact, he could be 30 pounds overweight. I had a friend from Australia who was fat. Everyone knew he was fat. He knew he was fat. He said he was fat. Whenever we went out in Australia he was always the fattest person in the room. However, when he traveled to visit Las Vegas a startling observation was made. We were standing in line at a buffet. He looked at all the people in the line, then looked at himself and said, surprisingly, “Hey, all these people are fatter than me.”

Americans are fat and getting fatter. Take charge and do what needs to be done. You’ll look better, you’ll feel better, and you will be healthier. There has been so much positive feedback on these techniques that a book will be coming out shortly to make the implementation of them effortless and painless.