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A Natural Cure For Rosacea – Find a Natural Cure



Acne Rosacea affects almost 65-million people worldwide. Adults who are fair-skinned and females are especially prone, and it starts with redness of the nose, forehead and cheeks. What causes Rosacea is a compromised immune system or vitamin deficiency. An abundance and overcharge of toxins can also contribute to this condition.

Rosacea is actually quite a common problem, and while traditional medication can relive the symptoms for a while, they are not a cure.

Rosacea is long lasting and starts usually around middle age. Doctors will tell you that the causes are unknown and, as a result, they will also tell you that there is no cure. But this is not strictly true. While no magical herb exists that can cure this condition instantaneously, a natural cure is a continuous process and involve a change in lifestyle and diet. If one sticks to this they will be able to bring about a cure.

1. Diet: High-caliber natural health whole foods are best. Fruit and vegetables are also recommended as they will give the skin what it needs to rectify the condition. There are also foods that should be avoided such as alcohol, spicy foods and, unfortunately, chocolate! Meat should be restricted to about once a week and replaced with a predominately vegetarian diet comprising grains as well.

2. Lifestyle: If you work outdoors and are exposed to sunlight, this can aggravate Rosacea. If this is the case you need to protect your skin with a very high SPF factor each and every time you go into the sun.

Curing Rosacea with a natural cure is an ongoing process and finding the best treatment that works for you might entail a bit of research, and a trial and error approach.

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