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An Interview with Psychologist and Marriage Therapist Laurie Grengs


NaturalCures caught up with Laurie Grengs recently – one of our esteemed experts. Here’s how she got to be a psychologist and marriage therapist . . . 

How I became a Psychologist is a story in itself.  I had no clue that there was such a concept as psychology and, even less so, what it may mean.

I applied to the college, Gustavus Adolphus, in St. Peter, Minnesota, my senior year in high school. I was accepted and entered with a major in elementary education.  That summer before the fall I was to enter Gustavus as a freshman, I was signing up for my fall classes. I signed up for a class in psychology to complement my start in my major elementary education.

The first day of classes that fall at Gustavus, I walked into the first class of psychology. I remember the class room and the professor to this day. I sat down to the first lecture and when the professor started speaking about the study of psychology, my jaw dropped. From that day forward, I was eagerly awaiting to go to each class. I said to myself in the first weeks of that course in psychology, there is an answer to my questions about life, relationships and how to be, get, and sustain happiness.

That semester, I changed my major to psychology. I knew with certainty that this was my calling. I transferred to the University of Minnesota the following spring and declared my major as a double major of Child Psychology and Social Welfare. I loved my collegiate career.  I have and do feel extraordinary gratitude that I have been blessed to have an ongoing 34 year career as a Psychologist and I love my work more every year.

I cannot imagine doing anything else in my career. I truly know that being, a Licensed Psychologist and a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, is my mission and I will continue my work for many years. For what I do as a job is not work, it is allowing the love of Jesus to work through me.

laurie grengsI practice in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, Coon Rapids. Coon Rapids is about 10 minutes north of Minneapolis.  My clients reside in all areas surrounding Minneapolis. Coon Rapids provides an uplifting haven for my psychology practice. My clients have a sense of privacy and comfort coming to an area of town that has the Mississippi River weaving throughout the city, parks interspersed throughout the town/suburb, and restaurants varying from a quick bite with great coffee to the finest dining providing anybody looking for an evening of great cuisine much satisfaction.

In order to be effective as a psychologist, I need “to practice what I preach”. I expend extraordinary energy taking great care of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have to keep myself in top “form”. I consult with a Kinesiologist regularly, my mentor of 30 plus years is a valuable consultant in assisting me to continue to provide the best care for my clients, and I spend daily time in prayer and meditation.

In my time away from my clients, my perfect day is time spent with my fiancé,  two great dogs named, Ms. Black Beauty and Sir Charles, interspersed with time varying from interior decorating to oil painting.

I love my life and bring that to my clients in every session.

My practice is named The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, LLC. I welcome you visiting with me at my website www.lauriegrengs.com.  Further great psychological information to guide and assist you can be found at my blog www.attainingloveandjoy.com.