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72 year old Polymath and Author Keith Foster developed Happy Tummy Charcoal over 10 years ago

Seventy two year old Polymath and Author Keith Foster developed Happy Tummy® Charcoal over 10 years ago when he was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  Completely recovered, he and his partner now run Fine Fettle Feed, a company dedicated to helping people and their animals to live better, healthier lives, completely free from stomach problems.

In an ever more polluted world their company Fine Fettle Feed ‘does well by doing good’ , and has attracted a huge following amongst people from all walks of life who want to live free from stomach problems.

Possessed of a wealth of knowledge on health related subjects, Keith and his partner deploy over 100 years of their joint experience to the benefit of their customers.

Happy Tummy® Charcoal, their main product, is pure natural hardwood charcoal, carefully sourced and expertly potentised using a methodology Keith developed.  A wholly natural product, charcoal (vegetable carbon) is classified as a ‘feed material’ by the EU and the Foods Standard Agency and is therefore not a medicine.

Happy Tummy® Charcoal is NOT activated charcoal which the authors regard as too strong for use as a feed additive, being a super-adsorbent. The difference between these charcoals is explained on their website https://www.finefettlefeed.com/product/1/Happy-Tummy.html .

Rather, Happy Tummy® Charcoal is structured in such a way as to work in complete harmony with the body where it can only do good.

Drawing on 35,000 of wisdom concerning the use of charcoal by our ancestors, Fine Fettle Feed provides a rich resource of advice and information for their customers.  As they say “your stomach is at the core of your being – get that right and everything else benefits”.