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A bit about Diane Elms

The ignorant don’t know they are ignorant, because they just don’t know! I was once part of that ignorant crowd when it came to iridology and homeopathic medicine.

I believe things happen in your life for a reason.  When events happen you have the choice to allow those events to make you a victim or a conqueror. I was grateful for my stubbornness that I didn’t except a medical explanation of “we have no idea what is happening to you, we have no answers to help you, you will have to learn to live with the pain and probably be in a wheelchair”. That is what I was told in 1996 after 18 months of medical testing.

Then I went to an iridologist and the rest is history.  Not only did I get well but I studied iridology under the Bernard Jenson style and completed my studies with the grade of masters.  A few years later I studied under the International Iridology Practitioners Association completing my studies with a higher than 90% which allowed me to become one of a handful of teachers in Canada to teach the certification course.

After years of working with patients and guiding them with health and wellness suggestions in food intake, stress management, cleansing, building your body and counselling, I realized I needed to add homeopathic medicine to my practice.

It didn’t take me long to realize my passion and expertise in the area of drugless cancer care.