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A Conscious Step Towards Improved Health?

Suffering with an on-going condition that just won’t let up? Do you live in the UK? Conscious Health, nestled in a quiet side street here in the bustling town of Halifax may well be worth a look.

The team at the West Yorkshire-based venue use of series of function assessments to harness the body’s self-healing potential, with resulting treatments tailored to the individual.

Set out over three floors, the building features a range of treatment rooms each comprising a different piece of equipment or procedure.  Many of the assessments used here were used in conventional medicine before the Second World War and the advent of antibiotics. Today, the ‘forgotten wisdom’ has been brought into the 21st century to provide preventative health care, by the Conscious Health practitioners.

Treatment options

Conscious Health can provide everything from initial health screening – offering urine and saliva analysis, to dried blood analysis, blood pressure testing and live blood analysis; lymph drainage, and blood chemistry.

A range of herbal tinctures and supplements are also available at the clinic, with prices starting at under £10.

How does it work?

Concerned with the state of nutrition, hydration, mineral balance, and pH (acid/alkaline), as well as lifestyle, environmental and social stresses and their accumulate effect, Conscious Health assessments aim to support and empower individuals into gaining and maintaining their own health.

Founded by John E Ogden DNM and Jane M Hinchliffe INLPT, the venue’s team includes nursing staff with a diverse range of qualifications, including phlebotomy (taking of blood), acupuncture, nursing, yoga and massage.

For more about Conscious Health, head to https://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Conscious-Health/169026679813790.