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Air Purifying

Clear the air and feel great

Feeling tired, groggy and stressed? The holidays and the mountain of resolutions we put on ourselves in the new year can all wreak havoc on our overall wellbeing.

But you can look forward to an exceptional and refreshing night’s sleep throughout January and beyond, thanks to the Lil Boss travel air purifier – the perfect solution for moldy, toxic rooms.

Outstanding for sanitizing beds and pillows, this air purifier is shown to be more effective than ozone alone in breaking down formaldehyde – the most common toxin in homes today

And when you consider that formaldehyde is in foam mattresses and pillows, drapes, glues, carpeting, furniture and more, both at home and at hotels, it really does make sense to splash out on one of these impressive devices.

Does the promise of a great night’s sleep sound good? You need one of these in your life!