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Amy L. Lansky Biography

Amy L. Lansky, PhD is a former Silicon Valley computer scientist turned homeopath. She became involved with the alternative therapy while looking for a cure for her son’s autism.

Amy is also author of the best-selling Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy, published in April 2002 and now one of the leading introductory books on homeopathy worldwide (www.impossiblecure.com).

She speaks and writes internationally about homeopathy as well as hosting a monthly radio show on Autism One Radio. From 2004 to 2011, she was an executive board member of the National Center for Homeopathy. In September 2011, her second book, Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within was published. The book dealt with meditation and developing one’s innate ability to evolve and transform the world.

For more information about Amy visit (www.activeconsciousness.com)