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Andrea Butje’s book preview

Here is a sneak preview from my new book Essential Living: Aromatherapy Recipes for Health and Home
(A description of the book and a recipe with a link to purchase it). Is this ok? Please let me know, and if you send me a link I will post it around fb and other social media.

Andrea Butje, renowned aromatherapy educator and author, has been training Aromatherapists and educating the public since 1998. Her cutting-edge aromatherapy school, Aromahead Institute, reaches students from around the globe thanks to her innovative online programs. www.aromahead.com

Andrea’s new book Essential Living: Aromatherapy Recipes for Health and Home shares easy-to-follow essential oil recipes. Through her book she teaches beginners and experts alike how to create natural, safe products to replace synthetic chemicals and toxic ingredients found in many store brands. With a modest collection of essential oils and tools from around the kitchen, learn how to create cleaning scrubs, natural air fresheners and healthy body products. Neatly organized by room and purpose, these recipes give readers the power to replace unwanted chemicals with handmade, effective, aromatic products.

Disinfecting Hand Gel for Caretakers and Kids

One 4 oz spray bottle of natural, chemical-free disinfecting hand gel


4 oz organic aloe vera gel
4 drops Peppermint essential oil
8 drops Ravintsara essential oil
8 drops Orange essential oil

One 4 oz PET plastic spray bottle

Add oils to the aloe vera gel, shake vigorously to combine.

Apply liberally to hands and rub until
the gel has evaporated. This can be stored in
the fridge and transferred into convenient 1 oz
spray bottles to keep in your purse or diaper
bag for hand sanitizing on the go. Store extra
gel in the fridge if you make a large amount
ahead of time.

Avoid purchasing aloe with extra ingredients.
A small amount of natural preservative is fine.

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