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Candida Diets – Part 5

Candida Diets: Part V: The Quick Fix

Candida diets can vary based on who is presenting the information and their particular motivation. The majority of all candida diets follow a protocol first conceived by Dr. Orian Truss in the 1950’s. In spite of a great deal of science that has revealed further insights since then, most people religiously follow this original protocol, and some even become fanatical about it. On the other side of the coin, we find people who invest in selling a quick fix as their marketing strategy because they realize, as so many other marketers have, that most people don’t wish to change their habits, diet, social lives, or anything else that they might perceive as an inconvenience.  I have heard from people on many occasions that they don’t want to alter their party lifestyle in order to get healthy, even when suffering from serious diseases or complicated conditions. It’s the classical definition of insanity – Keep doing what you’re doing and expect a different result.

It’s not just with candida diets that we find this attitude. Most people would like to go to the gym, or the dentist, just once and never have to go again. Most people would rather brush their teeth just once a week or a month. “Why does it have to be every day and three times a day no less?” Those can be good questions from a certain perspective and amazingly enough, there is a good answer. The human body is not a fixed object, a statue, a car, or any other machine for that matter. It is a vital, living organism, or should be. Within this organism there are thousands to trillions of cycles. Cells and tissues come and go. They are born and reborn over time, with a seemingly built in life cycle that gradually slows down. They exist in states of life that gravitate towards regeneration and maintenance, or degeneration and breakdown. We are always playing a role in which direction this is taking place. Many people choose to deny their role.

Another process of disengagement/denial is the person who hands over all responsibility for their health to an outside person, such as a doctor. This is a very common practice based on a belief system that is ages old and not often appropriate in today’s world. Today’s doctor work under time pressures that weren’t always present decades ago. Money is a driving factor. Pills and surgeries have taken the place of wisdom and most chronic conditions are perceived by doctors to be a result of the patient not taking responsibility for themselves. In the doctors mind, if the patient isn’t going to take care of their self on a daily basis, a doctor under a time crunch with many people waiting isn’t going to be able to offer anything other quick fixes or suppress symptoms. President Obama’s health care policy is going to increase the load on a healthcare system, that is already overburdened, even more. It’s not going to get better.

Years ago, the Rand Corporation did a test with insurance and health care. They gave free insurance to a group of people to see how these people would respond. The people responded by leading lives that were more reckless and uncontrolled with the belief that with free insurance, the doctors would be there to take care of them when their bodies finally started to break down. They exercised less, smoked and drank more, ate as much and whatever they wanted to, etc. They disengaged from personal responsibility for their own health and suffered more as a result.

While the quick fix may be appealing to some, it is deceptive, and dangerous at best. A quick fix separates you from your money faster than it will ever be able to offer you a cure or resolution. It’s more marketing gimmick than reality. Even if it is able to alleviate some symptoms, the cause will continue on. This is the case most of the time with medications. They medicate the problem, they don’t address it. This has been seen with candida marketing many times. The makers of Threelac and Fivelac originally marketed their product as something that didn’t require dieting. After years of failure, they altered that message a little with no better results. Researchers have even found that antifungal medications are less effective when the diet is never changed.Patient participation always creates better results.

Just the other day, I saw a message for a candida cure that only takes seconds. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

We have a choice as to how we participate with our health. We can take them it for granted, as most people do who refuse to be responsible for their health, or we can consciously engage ourselves in the process.

A good candida diet will address several aspects of the body at once. It will address fungal candida, the immune system responses, detoxification, pH, hormones, bowel habits, and tissue flora. It usually will take a few months. It may not be an easy process to some, but many things in life require some type of sacrifice as we scale mountains and obstacles that stand in our way on the road to health. Miracles can happen and often do as miracles are a natural process that occur by participating in life. Leave time frames behind and know that it takes whatever it takes. The value of health cannot be underestimated, lest you find yourself facing a life of surgery, drugs, and disability.

A woman who was facing living the rest of her life on disability came to see me. Through the Plan and nutritional advice, she recovered and went on to gain employment and a life of renewed hope. I’ve never seen anyone so pleased to be able to work again. She taught me a valuable lesson through her struggle and healing, and I was glad to be able to offer her some small contribution at best. Life is what we make of it and she was going to make everything she could of the new life that lay before her.

Maturity is a term that indicates how well a person responds to the challenges they face in life. Is the response appropriate to the circumstances or environment present? If it is, then we observe that this person is mature, or capable of handling his life. Age is not a factor and when someone younger responds better than we have come to expect adults to respond, we are amazed and pleased. Perhaps we should be puzzled.

Take back your Health! Create the life you choose.   Dr. McCombs Candida Plan.