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Childhood Epilepsy

Great news in the UK – there’s been a steep decline in the number of children being diagnosed with epilepsy.

That’s the kind of thing we like to hear.

Figures reveal that the number has dropped dramatically over the past decade – in fact by as much as high, according to a study of medical practitioner-recorded diagnoses.

And the same has happened across other European countries and in the U.S. too.

Overall the number of children born between 2003-2005 with epilepsy was 33% lower than from 1994-96.

When researchers looked in more detail and included a wider range of possible indicators of an epilepsy diagnosis the incidence dropped by 47%.

Study author Prof Ruth Gilbert, director of the Centre for Evidence-based Child Health at University College London, said: “The drop is consistent with what has been seen in other countries so it is reassuring that we are seeing the same pattern.

“We’re getting better at diagnosing and deciding who should be treated and then there is also probably an effect of factors like fewer cases of meningitis.”

She said in the past, there was an issue with variable diagnosis and some children being treated who did not need to be.

However, epilepsy still remains one of the most prevalent neurological conditions in children in the UK, while in the U.S. it affects more than300,000 children under the age of 15, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It affects 2.2 million Americans and worryingly the number of cases in the elderly is climbing. More than 570,000 adults aged 65 and above have the condition.

Frighteningly, America’s returning veterans are also being affected, as studies show an increased risk of developing epilepsy following traumatic brain injury.

Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder in the U.S. after migraine, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

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