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China: the First Homeopathic Remedy

Homeopathy was developed by Dr Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago in Germany. The first Homeopathic remedy he developed was Peruvian Bark (Cinchona). As a remedy it is called China.

China is one of my favourite remedies. I have employed it many times in my clinic for people who have never completely recovered after losing an excess of fluid. The original sickness picture may still be present, or long passed, but still the person feels totally drained of energy.

Below are some ‘never well since’ scenarios I have treated effectively with China:

  • Gastric flu with diahorrea and vomiting. Patient sill drained of energy 2-3 weeks later.
  • Salmonella poisoning treated medically, but 1 month later continual fatigue lasting the entire day.
  • Menstrual flooding over 1 month period draining vitality of the person.
  • Excessive sweating as part of a flu picture, which rendered the person continually fatigued after the flu picture had resolved.

China is also a great remedy for bloating over the entire abdominal area, which is sensitive to touch and gains no relief from passing wind. Painless, profuse diahorrea, which is watery and /or yellow, can also often respond to China.

A person in a China state will often look pale and sickly, with great debility and trembling. They can sweat on the least exertion, and have excessive sweating at night. Complaints can have periodicity, which means they re-occur at particular intervals e.g. each night, once a week, once a month, etc. They are usually worse for cold, and feel better for warmth.

For all these reasons, the first Homeopathic remedy ever created is a yet another gem of a remedy to have in your first aid kit at home.

Written By Martin Costigan