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Chyavanaprash – Rasayana

Out of eight branches of Ayurveda, Rasayana is one the most important. As age advances, there is slowing of growth in the body and circulation is hindered hence the substance called Rasayana is given. “Rasa” means food juice and “Ayana” means movement or circulation. Movement of the Rasa throughout the body, day and night, and consequent nourishment, maintenances of the cells, growth of new cells, expulsion of the damaged cells and full nourishment of the body is the main purpose of the Rasayan treatment.

In the chapter of Charaka Samhita on treatment called “Chikista Stana”, it explains: “There are two types of treatments, one is promotion of vigor in the healthy and the other is destructive of disease in the ailing.” Rasayana is the substance which gives health to the healthy; it increases the oja, the complexion, the glow and the essence of the seven body nutrients (food juice, blood, flesh, fat, bone, bone marrow, and the vital essence). Charaka says “ long life, heightened memory and intelligence, freedom from disease, youth, excellence of luster, complexion and voice, optimum strength of body and senses, utterances that always get fulfilled, the reverence of people, body glow – all these does a person obtain by the use of Rasayanas or vitalizes.” They are considered vitalizes because they replenish the vital fluids of the body. The aim of a Rasayana is not merely to increase longevity, but also simultaneously to increase one’s energy and stamina so that they will be able to enjoy the long life they have.

Of all the Rasayana the most well-known revitalizes is Chyavanaprash.

“This is that very Chyavan Prasawaleh, the highest Rasayana. It is especially recommended for the cure of cough, dyspnea, as a body builder for the emaciated, for those suffering from pectoral lesions, for the old and for children. It also subdues such disorders as loss of voice, diseases of the chest and heart, thirst and disorders of rheumatic type. It should be used in such doses as will not interfere with the normal meals. Intelligence, memory, luster, immunity from disease, longevity, increased sense power, amative delights, heightened activity of the gastric fire, clearness of complexion, the regularity of peristalsis ~~ all these man obtains from the use of this Rasayana. By retiring into a retreat and resorting to this medicine, a man will shed his infirmities and emerge with fresh youth.” — Charak Samhita

Note: Have a big spoonful of this Chyavan-Prash with warm or cold milk (like a milkshake) every morning or just eat a spoonful directly. This diet is a powerful tonic.

It is said that Sage Chyavan made it to bring back youth in an old and fragile body. That’s the beauty of Aamla. Some people apply onto bread and eat it. It also looks like jam and tastes like chocolate.

Chyavan-Prash is available in 500 gms & 1 kg pack.