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Dr Maxine Crossland

Dr Maxine Crossland is both a fully registered medical practitioner and a traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist. After qualifying in medicine at the University of Sheffield in 1992 she worked for several years in the NHS but found after having children her own lifelong medical condition had deteriorated to such an extent that in desperation she turned to Chinese medicine. The transformation in her health was so great she simply had to study it and graduated from the Northern College of Acupuncture in York in 2005 after 4 years study. She now works doing acupuncture in Barnsley and as an Occupational Health physician for a local authority.

Maxine’s passion is empowering people to improve their own health through greater understanding of their disease, why it arose and what is aggravating it, which she can view from both a modern and traditional approach.

She sees a huge range of conditions in both her jobs with her particular interests being fertility, emotional disorders and painful conditions, both musculoskeletal and internal. She has found diet to be a key factor in many illnesses and gives advice based on what can realistically be achieved for each individual. She also understands how modern therapeutic techniques effect the energies and processes of the whole and aims to reduce her patients’ reliance on medication.

The root of many disharmonies in Chinese medicine is the emotions. Through experience Maxine has found this ostensibly to be true. Working with the spiritual aspect of people increasingly has accelerated healing for her patients.

Maxine can be contacted through roundwoodclinic.co.uk