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Dry Skin? Face Up To It Naturally: 5 Top Tips

Dry skin? We feel your pain, quite literally. Here in England especially, this time of year can result in sore, irritated skin and hands. And while we can certainly cover our hands and nails with cosy gloves, it’s a little trickier to go about our day-to-day business without exposing our faces to the sometimes bitter conditions.

Be aware that dry skin can strike at any time, though, not solely during the winter months.  Here in the NaturalCures office, we’re always keen to seek out natural ingredients which can alleviate the systems of painful, cracked skin, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide to beating it.

A hot, steamy shower is one cause of dry skin. While you may not realise it, the hot water can dry out the natural oils in your skin quicker. Drying beauty products and moisture-rubbing soaps are other contributing factors of dry skin, as is the sun.

What Can You Do?

Here are five things you can do to help eradicate the symptoms dry skin can bring about:

  • Got dry, scaly skin? Add 20 drops of liquid Nat.Phos (which is found in herbs such as coriander, cumin and ginger) to half a cup of warm water, before dabbing onto the skin when you can’t bear the itchiness
  • If skin is flaking or peeling, you need silica. It should be naturally present in the skin, hair, bones and nails and works by eliminating toxins. It’s also known as a cell cleanser and helps when skin is flaking or when cracks appear on the fingers during the winter. Try 2 silica tablets approximately 2 to 4 times each day. Alternatively, eat silica-rich foods like spinach, lettuce, lemons and pomegranates.
  • Avocados contain vitamin E, as well as lots of other beneficial natural oils. It’s a great moisturizer for dry skin; simply place a peeled and seeded avocado in a blender with four tablespoons of plain yogurt. Blend until smooth and apply liberally to the face (avoiding the eye area), leaving on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with luke warm water and patting dry.
  • What you eat can be evident in your skin, hair and nails, so add the right foods to your diet and you may find your skin improves dramatically. As well as keeping well hydrated with water, enjoy a diet rich in vitamin A (you’ll find it in liver, sweet potatoes, spinach and carrots), Vitamin B (in tuna, avocados, turkey and bananas) and Vitamin E (in blueberries, almonds and olives).
  • Think about changing the products you use on your skin. Avoid harsh soaps and look for products containing coconut oil or cocoa butter. When it comes to the skin on your face, oatmeal is also a good ingredient for a soothing cleanser for dry skin.
  • If you suffer from sore, dry skin as a result of an on-going condition, we have a number of thorough guides to treatments and remedies.