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Finding a natural cure for the Duchess’ morning sickness

Mums everywhere will be sympathizing with Catherine – “Kate” – the Duchess of Cambridge, who has been admitted to hospital suffering from severe morning sickness.

Morning sickness affects most mums-to-be but in Kate’s case, the condition is known as hyperemesis gravidarum, which means that she is feeling particularly nauseous.

The condition affects around one in 200 women who are sick several times a day with the vomiting sometimes lasting for the duration of the pregnancy, rather than just for the early months. So our hearts really do go out to her! She must be feeling the baby blues at the moment, instead of the elation of preparing to become a mum for the first time.

The 30-year-old is being cared for in a central London hospital and no doubt, her doctors will be keeping a watchful eye on her, making sure she doesn’t dehydrate.

We know her father-in-law, The Prince of Wales, is a huge fan of Ayurveda, the holistic, alternative, healing science from India, so hopefully he might pass on a few tips to Kate!

Our natural cure for nausea and morning sickness has a few recommendations for the Duchess too.

For example, in ayurveda, some useful remedies include a mixture of cardamom and honey, or freshly-grated nutmeg and cardamom in warm milk. She might also like to try cumin seeds and ground nutmeg in boiling water.

Ginger has long been recognised as a natural cure for nausea and for its ability to prevent morning sickness. A report from the American Journal of Obstretrics and Gynecology, which analyzed six clinical trials, involving nearly 700 participants, revealed that ginger was superior to a placebo.

Other herbs and spices which are also useful in combating nausea are clove and fennel.

Taking a supplement of Vitamin B can alleviate the unpleasant feelings of sickness, and at the first sign of a nausea attack, a drop of peppermint oil placed under the tongue, can have a positive effect. Sipping on chamomile, peppermint or ginger teas can also do the trick – they are all excellent herbal remedies for nausea.

Eating solid food – and keeping it down – it obviously going to be difficult when you are either feeling sick or being sick, so it is best to try and eat, small and light meals of fresh, organic produce when you do feel up to eating.

But when food is a definite no-no, it’s crucial to keep fluid levels up. Drink lots of pure, filtered water – here’s a link to a water filter we recommend https://ow.ly/eSkET

Research also shows that acupuncture and acupressure are great for relieving the symptoms of morning sickness, and even though you may feel like yoga is the last thing on your mind, as you stagger to the bathroom each morning, give it a try because it really does work.

There are several positions that are recommended, including the modified reclining hero pose! Make sure you have plenty of pillows and rolled-up blankets to support your body.

Some mums often ask in frustration and desperation: why is this pregnancy-related nausea called “morning sickness” when it seems to last all day?! I know that when I had my two children, the sickness seemed to hit in the morning, followed by a brief respite in the afternoon, followed by another bout of nausea in the early evening.

Your licensed health practitioner will probably tell you that tiredness can really exacerbate nausea, so it’s best to rest as much as possible, and before you know it, those first early weeks of your pregnancy when you feel anything but “blooming” will soon pass.

We hope this will be the case for the Duchess of Cambridge. One thing’s for certain though: as soon as she holds her beautiful, new-born prince or princess in her arms, any misery she might be feeling now will simply melt away, and any discomfort she has been through will all have been worth it.

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