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Gentle Aromatherapy for Babies

In this modern world, we are all anxious that more and more natural products are used.  There are the obvious reasons of ‘saving the planet’ from the unnecessary aerosols and chemicals, but there is also the benefit of reducing allergies and skin reactions when we use natural products.  For babies this is particularly important so that they can grow naturally and healthily without chemical interference.  Many people worry about the effects of essential oils on very young babies as they can be quite strong and need to be used with caution.  It is usually recommended that only professional aromatherapists blend oils together for use on babies and children.  The benefit of using natural hydrolats is that there are no contra-indications and no risk of allergic reaction and yet the results can be startling, especially on baby skin conditions and teething.


This hydrolat is particularly recommended for indigestion in babies and children.  For a baby use 1 teaspoonful in 20mls of warm water and give by bottle or cup.  For older children more can be used, up to 30mls.  Angelica is also beneficial for upset bowels (either constipation or diarrhoea) and for travel sickness.  Angelica can also be sprayed onto heat rash and spotty skin to calm and reduce redness.


This really soothing hydrolat has a very calming aroma and when sprayed on the skin can help eczema and cradle cap.  It is also helpful for dry scaly skin.  Make sure that the hydrolat is patted into the skin and left to dry naturally.  Adding 40mls to a baby bath can really help with all-over skin problems and also to relax and calm the baby before bedtime to ensure a good nights sleep.

Chamomile German

Add 20mls of this hydrolat to 50mls of a good blending cream to prevent and help heal existing nappy rash.  German Chamomile is known for its soothing properties and can be used in the baby’s mouth for teething pain.  Apply with a finger or spray into the mouth. Alternatively add 1 teaspoonful to 20mls of warm water and give in a bottle.


Cornflower is traditionally known for its healing properties on the eyes.  Use on damp cotton wool to clean baby’s eyes and remove mucous.  Redness and irritation can be reduced by putting pads of cotton wool soaked in cornflower over the eyes while the baby sleeps.  It can even be used to bathe the eyes to remove foreign bodies.


This wonderfully soothing hydrolat can be used to help reduce crying and anxiety in babies.  Use 40mls in a baby bath before bedtime or massage to relax and calm.  Frankincense hydrolat, as with the others above, has a mild taste that is not unpleasant.  Use 5mls in 20mls water to calm tantrums.  Spraying the face and hands is also calming especially in hot weather for young children.

Using hydrolats for babies is a natural and sensible approach to gentle healing and equilibrium.  For more hints and tips please contact [email protected]

Penny Price MEd (Oxon.)

Academy Principal and Director of Penny Price Aromatherapy Ltd