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Going green? Research from the Wellness Center Indicates Starting at the Best Place, Right Inside the Mouth, Leads Back to Health

Dental health is critical to general health. Start by changing the “silver” of toxic time bomb mercury amalgam dental fillings to “green” biocompatible dental products that are safer for patients, dental workers and the planet. Dr. Theresa Dale has seen thousands of people completely recover from serious health issues from choosing to replace dental mercury amalgam with biologically compatible substances. Moreover, she has created a gentle protocol for mercury and heavy metal detoxification to use after amalgam removal.


Mercury amalgam was introduced in America during the pre-Civil War era by the French Crawcour brothers. At that time, the American Society of Dental Surgeons (ASDS) said using mercury in oral health care is malpractice and made their members sign pledges to abstain from using the mercury fillings in patients. Unfortunately for future patients, the American Dental Association, founded in 1859 after the demise of ASDS, was in favor of and still supports the use of health-impacting mercury amalgam.

Mercury Exposure Causes Serious Health Issues to People.

Mercury vapors, according to Dr. Boyd Haley, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry from the University of Kentucky, released in the mouth from dental amalgams, have been proven to be the most readily absorbed form of mercury by the human body. One part of the controversy surrounding this unlucky silver filling is how to accurately measure the vapor given off from the amalgams and the resulting exposure of the vapor. This is vitally important given the short and long term cumulative effects to the vapor exposure. Especially at risk are children, pregnant women and dental personnel coming in frequent contact with the unstable vapor producing amalgam materials.

Next Steps to Going Green Holistically.

Education is the key to potentially reversing long-held medical issues with the awareness of how one’s body can respond towards vibrant health after the removal of toxins from the human body such as mercury amalgam fillings:

Locate and utilize green or biological dentists to create a proper treatment plan for the removal of the mercury amalgam fillings and appropriate replacement materials. These healthcare professional use dental products and procedures that will not adversely impact their patients’ health or their own health.


After removal of the amalgams, the next step is mercury and heavy metal detoxification and body cleansing. It is important to NEVER begin detoxification when mercury amalgam fillings are still in one’s mouth as the mercury can get into the bloodstream, making the detoxification difficult and possibly causing illness due to too many toxins not being eliminated quickly enough.

Dr. Dale feels that the most effective results occur when all the filtering organs liver, kidney and colon) are gently detoxified simultaneous so none of the organs are burdened. Customers and clients have reported while on the Wellness Center’s Whole Body Deep Cleanse and Flush protocol for heavy metals, pesticides, medications, etc., that calcified kidney and gallstones have been dissolved or flushed out as a side benefit.

This protocol can also boost the immune system and help hormonal problems, drug addiction and obesity.

How to tell if the time is right for detoxification and cleansing?

1) Had any and all amalgam fillings removed and other dental issues such root canals attended to by green dentists?

2) Have less than 1 bowel movement per meal eaten?

3) More than 10 pounds overweight?

4) Feeling tired and sluggish?

5) Have food allergies?

6) Crave breads or sugary sweets?

7) Rarely exercise?

8) Have skin breakouts?

9) Have bad breath?

10) Have to mask body odor with a scent?

11) Never done an inner body cleanse before?

12) Eat dairy products?

13) Need caffeine to get up?

If one answered yes to 3 or more of the above or yes to #2, #3 or #11, then the time is right now to begin the process.

Dr. Dale’s formulas do not contain animal products, toxic fillers, preservatives or flow agents. The herbs are organic and wild crated, not heated so they retain all of their healing properties. These products are packaged in veggie caps instead of gelatin capsules.

To order detoxification and cleansing products, click here: https://www.naturalhealingpro.com/deep-cleanse-kitproducts.html

Have we learned anything in 150 years?

Go “green” for your dental care and achieve vibrant overall health? Or go “silver”, as in mercury amalgam fillings, and risk far-reaching overall body decay? Only you can decide for yourself what is the right action to take for your dental and overall health.

California College for Natural Medicine (CCNM) offers a year-long advanced certificate in biological dentistry.

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