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Have you ditched your fluoride toothpaste?

You may have cut out those excess calories, or chucked the cigerattes in the garbage for the new year; but have you ditched your fluoride toothpaste?

The truth is, millions of people are still yet to realize the dangers of fluoride-based toothpaste and products. After all, can you really be causing harm to your body by doing something as simple as cleaning your teeth? The answer is yes.

And the first thing you need to know is fluoride’s not just found in toothpaste; it’s in everything from canned soup, soda, fruit juice, coffee and tea and cigarettes – so there’s another reason to kick the habit.

It’s more toxic than lead and only slightly less toxic than arsenic. Even the Canadian Dental Board advises that you should not give fluoride to kids under three years of age as “it interferes with the normal production of tooth enamel.”

On top of this, it’s absorbed into the gums when it’s topically added to teeth, You’ll be even more shocked to hear children have died after leaving the dentist’s office due to this conventional dental ingredient. Shocking, right?