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Heart to Heart

Imagine having a friend like your heart?  Who works without complaining and never asks for anything, even works when you’re sleeping.  Now that’s loyalty, did you know that the average heart beats over 2 billion times in a person’s lifetime?  Consider your heart as your best friend, one that will be with you till the day you die, your heart really loves you.

Why not look after your heart… You can treat it with the best foods; good exercise

and give it a good rest when it needs it… Remember your heart is your closest friend.

If you love your Heart right… What would your Heart do for you? 

Well you might live a hundred years and still be pretty active. It’s possible to out run an athletic 16 year old at 60, work like a horse, dance like teenager, be a great lover at 70 or 80 years old… Maybe just living long enough to enjoy your children’s children till they’re grown up.

My Cree people have always said if we live the ceremonies we would live to be 100 years old, or older. Our elders have often said that we could stay young and not really start aging till 60 or 70 years old. Those old American Indian elders of my childhood worked outside slept outside in tents and teepees. They would track and hunt their food, not sit in a tree stand for hours and hours, they would also gather wild berries, roots, plants for eating and plants for healing.

As a child there was no such thing as fast food, well there was fast food, deer ran pretty fast, smile.  We chased and gathered our food naturally, none of this drive-through, highly processed junk food that is now killing so many of my people and other people today.

The Old Way was the Better Way…

Life is sacred, our bodies are sacred and with a strong healthy heart we can do more.

We prayed before the hunt, sometimes during the hunt and always before eating what we hunted, after all this deer, buffalo, moose, elk, rabbit, or duck was a relation who sacrificed its life to feed our people, our children, our woman and our old people.

No one cannot disconnect the physical without the emotional, the spiritual without the mental without losing balance somewhere, because we are spiritual beings having a human experience… We need to be loved, we need to love to really live.

If you really love your mate, your child, your children, and your best and closest friends your heart is always there with you… So look after your heart and you can enjoy those who you love… We must remember most of us were blessed with a good heart, we are the ones who can ruin our heart, or we can love our heart… Choose right!

Life is a matter of Heart in more ways than one…

Enjoy life, enjoy those you love, live the adventure of life, be active:

Get a rush out of whitewater rafting, climbing a mountain, go sailing, ride a fast horse, play a great game of basketball, football, or any one of hundred other sports and trills in life.

Eat right, rest when needed and give your heart a workout…after all it is a muscle.

The muscle you need to move you through life and carry your loved ones too, smile.


Buffalo Child