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Hygienically Toxic

Why are chronic diseases becoming more and more prevalent?  It really is no puzzle.  Think about our daily lives compared to that of any wild animal or indigenous tribes and it’s quite easy to work out.  We get up in the morning and wash our body down with a load of toxins (oh the irony) and then plaster our arm pits with antiperspirants which are designed to stop us from sweating out those very toxins that we subject ourselves to!  We then slap on our face creams, after-shaves and body moisturisers which are loaded with more toxic substances that you certainly wouldn’t put in your mouth, so why on your skin? To top it all off, some of us will truss up our breasts in an under wire-bra, which not only lifts and supports but also applies pressure to the lymph glands, again compromising the elimination of toxins.

Moving on to breakfast where we quickly down our breakfast cereal, which is usually some kind of processed grain mixed with milk or soy milk (just as bad) and perhaps an acidic cup of coffee, pushing our insulin levels through the roof. No wonder that kid in the cereal advert glowed!  We mustn’t forget to clean our teeth with a further mixture of toxins and added fluoride (if you’re really unlucky) and finally we are all set to go out and face that big, bad toxic world!  Now, I’m not suggesting that we all live in a bubble, as over-cleanliness is also a problem.  All I can say on this subject is that many folks have become obsessed with completely obliterating bacteria from their homes, which is an impossible task because if you are not subjected to them in the home, you will come up against them elsewhere.  Check out the hygiene hypothesis that states that a lack of early childhood exposure to infectious agents, symbiotic microorganisms (e.g., gut flora or probiotics), and parasites increases susceptibility to allergic diseases by suppressing natural development of the immune system. I strongly agree with this – a few household bacteria never hurt anyone!

Some may say I am mad – and I would wholeheartedly agree – but having suffered with a rotten, chronic disease, it’s taken a lot of education to make me this mad.  Happily, there are many others who are just as mad as me and I love them, because we need these people to help show us how we can help ourselves in this inane battle against chronic disease.

Begin by limiting the toxins you are putting into your body and actively enhance their elimination from your body.  Clean up your act with unprocessed foods, filtered water and toxin-free cosmetics for starters.  Now is also the time to boost the immune system with lots of sunshine so get out there, be happy and sweat!  The braver among you will consider colonics (fantastic) to aid the colon and take the burden off your liver which in turn will do a much better job of cleaning up all that toxic blood.  Glow with health, not toxicity.