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Iridology correspondence courses

Iridology correspondence courses by Diane Elms D.H.M.H.S., CCI, CCII, 2006 Iridologist of the Year, International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA). https://www.choicesforhealthandharmony.com/iipa-certification/

Iridology is a most fascinating understanding of what is happening in the body.  I first studied iridology through the Bernard Jenson method, and then I studied the International constitutional approach to iridology.  I have taught at Mohawk/McMaster in the Continuing Education, Health Sciences department as well as private, webinars and correspondence classes.

Personally I became fascinated with iridology after 18 months of medical testing and no answers.  Iridology gave me the basic information I needed to regain my health and wellness. I studied iridology because I wanted to keep my children healthy.  Little did I know that iridology would begin my life’s journey!

IIPA iridology can be used for CEU’s for nurses throughout the United States and in Canada.

This course is a certification course but many people learn iridology for their own personal health and wellness.

For information you can proceed to my website https://www.choicesforhealthandharmony.com/iipa-certification/

Looking forward to walking with you on your journey with iridology.