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Nature’s Wonderful Colours

Where has this year gone? Please bring on a giant palette of Colours for my consumption!
My poetic heart and sense of adventure has been tested the past few months. Along with my joys came a full share of life’s sadness; wrapped always in a large helping of Gratitude.

We have celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada and in the U.S. as well, and whilst every day for me is truly an opportunity to be Thankful it helps to have special days set aside for sharing.
Colour in nature is simply such a pleasure to observe, such a gift and chance to pause.
So whether your day is sweet or sad, ingest Nature’s palette of Colour and feel it enter your body and soul.

Some of my greatest pleasure through all these days has been the act of Knitting a Scarf (DARDAR’s naturally). They create themselves in my hands and the Colour combinations have been so inspiring.
No matter what the season, these cotton Scarfs are welcomed, and bring a smile…..awesome.

Whilst you wear and share the Harvest colours of the Earth palette, and hibernating and cozy hues of Winter, remember that ALL COLOURS of Nature’s Rainbow have an impact on our health and happiness.
Explore the depths of RED, the lusciousness of ORANGE, the meditation of BLUE, reconnection of rich GREEN, the wisdom of INDIGO and glorious VIOLET. Surround yourself with the power of GOLDEN YELLOW to reinforce that you are a precious part of this magnificent life!

By Amanah Triggs