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Some of Isabel’s favourite yoga poses

Hello and I hope you are all well.

In my first blog I shared with you some of the delights of Dru yoga and how it can help you and there is so much I want to tell you about! However, I am going to start at the beginning and take this opportunity to talk about firm foundations, from which we can flourish.

One of my favourite yoga poses is the grounding Mountain Posture (Tadasana). My go to posture when I feel out of balance (physically, emotionally or mentally). I take time out to settle and be still, to find my calm, still point – so important when the world around just seems to get busier! Sometimes there seems to be so much going on that it is easy to be swept up in the high, fast paced energy but continuing like that can lead to burn out.

So, I would like to invite you take a couple of minutes out of your busy day to find some stillness for yourself and I promise you will feel refreshed, calm and focussed, ready to face the world again!

Stand with your feet hip width apart. If it feels ok see if you can move the outer edge of the feet parallel, so that your feet are not pointing out at “10 to 2” (this is a great tip to help you protect your low back) and spread your toes out. Knees are just a little bit soft (not locked back and not bent). Try to find a neutral position for your pelvis. Gently draw in your low abdomen and pelvic floor in and away from your underwear as you lengthen your spine. Check your shoulders are relaxed (you may to need to roll your shoulders up back and down to help them relax), arms by your sides, fingers gently curled. Try to lengthen the back of your neck so that your chin is very slightly tucked in.

Have a quick mental check through your body, making any adjustments you need to. Is your weight equally distributed? Are you holding on to any tension still? Is this the first time you have stood up properly today?

Checking in with your posture whenever you think about it (really good in a supermarket or Post Office queue) is a great habit to get in to and is a quick and easy way to help you release physical tension and keep your back happy.

Close Your Eyes

If it’s convenient to do so, now close your eyes. Feel the firm connection your feet make with the earth beneath you, and focus on the gentle flow of your breath…in through your nose, out through your nose…with each exhalation allow yourself to relax a little bit deeper, strengthening the connection you make with the earth. With each in breath feel your spine lengthening and expanding…Beautiful!

Using each exhalation to breath out tension, busy-ness, anxiety….with each inhalation feeling more energised, revitalised.

Take a Deep Breath

When you are ready take a deeper breath in and a deeper breath out and slowly move out of the position. Now I bet you feel much calmer! And it only took a couple of minutes. Practise this whenever you feel yourself spiralling off or you need to create space for calm and focus.

Until next time, take care. Isabel x