Natural Remedies For Over 200 Illnesses

An Oily Good Idea

Bergamot, chamomile, lavender, Melissa, neroli, eucaluptus, geranium and/or juniper can speed up healing for eczema. Read more in our full natural cure Read More >>

A Dog’s Life

Herbal remedies can ensure a healthier family pet. Discover more from Natural Wonder Products in Gary Le Mon’s blog Read More >>

Sore Bruise?

Try mashed yerba santa leaves soaked in hot water and applied with a clean cloth. Find out all about how to treat bruises in our full natural cure Read More >>

Cold Sores And Natural Medicine

You wake up in a morning and you feel a tingle on your top or bottom lip, you know this signals the appearance of a blister or two.  These small blisters are caused by a virus called herpes simplex which lie in wait under the skin tissue…

Time to Quit

If you want to eradicate stress, top of your list should be avoiding nicotine as a means of alleviating the condition Read More >>

Go Organic

Battling Cancer? Eliminate refined white flour, junk food, sugars and sugary products and choose a diet rich in organic whole foods Read More >>

Stress Less

You can help control stress by exercising and meditating, find out how to balance your Yang and Yin reserves Read More >>

Know Your Onions

Fade bruises by grating an onion and mixing with a small amount of salt, before holding against the affected area Read More >>


Reiki could be the answer, helping to lesson symptoms of the condition in a matter of months Read More >>

Dry Hair?

Dilute shampoo with water throughout fall and winter to add more moisture to dry locks Read More >>