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Be Kind To Your Body And Your Purse


Many people in the UK are worried about the high cost of health care, as costs just keep going up and the standards of medical care never seem to improve. Many people are not accepting the fact that all pharmaceutical drugs contain huge amounts of chemicals.

For example, look at the pamphlet for tension headaches or migraines. The list of side effects is huge. It can include anything from drowsiness, blood pressure fluctuations, diarrhea, dizziness, vomiting and many more.

Therefore, in reality, you are trying to get rid of a bad headache and are subjected to a horrible list of nasty side effects. What you are doing is putting your body under stress from many possible side effects. You are doing that instead of addressing the problem of the headache and why you are getting it.

Time to go natural

Natural remedies for just about every conceivable ailment have been around not only for hundreds of years, but for thousands. The huge plus points for natural remedies are that they do not come with all the nasty side effects. You could actually have some wonderful positive side effects instead. Very often, the natural remedies for specific ailments have positive effects on other systems of the body.

These effects may include increased blood flow. Increasing oxygen allows more ion into the body through absorption. Most natural remedies are available as over-the-counter products, so you don’t need to get a prescription for it.

Prescription medicine – for acne for instance – works topically, it never really addresses the problems that cause the acne. It is then not surprising that so many people are turning back to natural remedies. It does your body the world of good and it is much kinder on your budget than conventional drugs.