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Quick Action Steps for Bladder Infection…


Quick Action Steps for Bladder Infection

  1. Avoid urinating after intercourse until necessary. Full urination enables the body to more effectively eliminate bacteria from the urinary tract.
  2. During intercourse, avoid using overly large fitted diaphragms and contraceptive sponges, which can prevent effective voiding of the bladder. It is better to wear a cervical cap, or to have your partner wear a condom.
  3. Avoid all sugars, refined carbohydrates, sodas, processed foods, preservatives, artificial sweeteners (especially aspartame), corn syrup, alcohol, white bread and white flour products, pastries, and hydrogenated and trans-fatty oils, as well as all foods to which your are allergic.
  4. Emphasize organic, fresh vegetables and non-citrus fruits, organic grains, as well as organic, free-range meats and poultry and wild-caught fish.
  5. Drink plenty of pure, filtered water throughout the day.
  6. Drink 16 ounces of organic, unsweetened blueberry or cranberry juice.
  7. Useful nutrients for treating bladder infection include vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin, C, zinc, and acidophilus.
  8. Adding half a teaspoon of mannose powder to pure filtered water and drinking it every one to two hours can speed recovery.
  9. The herbs buchu, corn silk, couch grass, goldenseal, marshmallow leaf, and uva ursi can also be helpful, as can fresh parsley.
  10. To relieve symptoms, take alternating hot and cold sitz baths.
  11. Consult with a homeopathic physician to determine an appropriate homeopathic remedy.