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Body Exfoliants: Loofahs, Scrubs and Dry Brushing


Description: There are many tools available to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating helps soften your skin, prevent clogged pores and bumps, and helps deep clean to rid your skin of toxins. Our skin is responsible for 1/4th of all elimination that our body does daily. These toxins come from our environment and from the products that we use on our skin. One of the most effective ways to detox is through dry brushing your skin. By using a brush with natural fibers, you can simply brush your skin daily which in turn stimulates your lymph system, increases circulation, improves skin tone, decreases cellulite and promotes new cell turnover.

What to look for: Natural, vegetable-fiber bristle brush with a long enough handle to reach all areas on body. Other products, such as body scrubs and loofahs, are good for use in the shower or bath, but do not stimulate detoxification nor provide the same benefits as dry brushing.

Uses: You should dry brush your skin at least once a day; before showering is best. Do not wet brush or skin. Brush each area of your body at least twice, starting at the bottom of your feet. Use a semi-firm pressure, but not too hard, and avoid delicate areas such as the face and breasts.

Where to find: Health Food Stores, Online Resources, Spas/Salons.

Avoid: Using too much pressure, or using brushes made out of synthetic fibers, can irritate the skin and make it red.