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Broken Heart: The Medical Consequences of Loneliness


BookAuthor: Lynch, James

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Description: There is a widespread belief in our modern culture that love is a word which has no meaning. A whole generation of detached, independent, self-sufficient, noncommitted individuals agree with the steelworker quoted above that no one really needs to get hurt in modern human relationships. You can be intimate with someoneand then leave, and nothing bad will happen.This book was written to document the opposite point of view: human relationships do matter. They are desperately important to both our mental and our physical well-being. The fact is that social isolation, the lack of human companionship, death, or absence o fparents in early childhood, sudden loss of love, and chronic human
loneliness are significant contributors to premature death. Although, as we shall see, almost every cause of death is significantly influenced by human companionship, this book will concentrate chiefly on the leading cause of death—heart disease.


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