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The X-iser Machine™

TrainingDescription: The X-iser® is a versatile stepping device engineered for Sprint Interval Training (SIT). It was designed to ensure correct hip and knee alignment, providing an optimal, impact-free workout. The hands-free design promotes the development of stabilizer muscles, and correct posture, thus improving balance. The X-iser Machine® provides everyone the ability to sprint train utilizing a quick, safe and non-impact movement with the portability to do it anywhere. The benefits of sprint interval training on the X-iser® include: quicker fat loss, stronger cardiovascular system, decreased inflammation, optimal hormones production, boosted immune system, improved balance, better joint function and more muscular strength. The machine only weighs 14 pounds and requires just two cubic feet of space. With the unique design and adjustable speed setting, the X-iser® is great for any age and fitness level because it responds to your effort and ability.

What makes it different: The nature of the hydraulics on the machine allows for a technique that produces a “static equilibrium,” high-frequency stepping action. What actually happens is the body’s center of mass (waist line) stays constant (meaning from the waist up you don’t move). Imagine balancing a glass of water on your head while the legs are stepping as fast as you can (that is 300+ steps in a minute for an elite athlete). What makes this unique is that, in order to prevent the body’s center of mass from moving up and down as we see with all other stepping activities, both legs have to work equally, against each other, on both the up and down strokes of the stepping action. This “no recovery” protocol leads to tremendous strength gains, while the rapid left to right stepping causes tremendous neuromuscular development that transfers to unparalleled gains in performance. In addition, because of the cardiovascular demand of this challenging exercise, the aerobic AND anaerobic systems are both dramatically tested, improving overall conditioning. Numerous additional exercises are possible to introduce due to the unit’s size, portability, and uniquely connected hydraulic system. The X-iser Machine’s® patented hydraulic system make it the only true variable speed-sprint interval stepper on the market. Te machine’s unique ability to train the lower body in “static equilibrium” is what sets it apart from every other commercial or consumer product available in the marketplace today. In summary, nothing can improve strength, balance and coordination, speed and overall conditioning, as safely and as efficiently as The X-iser Machine®.

Uses: Exercise, core training, sprint training, overall exercise, sports training, as part of a weight loss program, improve overall health. The X-iser® is great for any age or fitness level, and in as little as four minutes a day can produce unparalleled health benefits.

Where to find: Online at www.burstforhealth.com or call 800-756-9073.

Avoid: Cheap knockoffs. You can find air- and mini-steppers that look like the X-iser® for a fraction of the cost, but they are not the same thing. These knockoffs can be found on TV infomercials, online and in sporting goods stores; they cannot provide the benefits we talk about, just as an inexpensive mini trampoline will not provide you with the support that you need as a rebounder will.