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Description: Butter is the fatty portion of milk. Raw butter from grass pasture- fed cows provides healthy, beneficial fats, and contains vitamins A and E, lecithin, antioxidants, selenium, healthy cholesterol, beneficial bacteria, and enzymes.

What to look for: Raw, organic butter, made with milk from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals.

Uses: Myriad uses include, once again, the ability to digest for those who are lactose intolerant, as well as spreading on toast, melting on baked potatoes or grains, topping vegetables, baking, sauteing, stirring into hot cereal, and more. Use as you would regular butter, though we recommend switching to virgin coconut oil for cooking and baking, whenever possible.

Where to find: Health Food Stores and Online Resources. Raw butter can be hard to find. If not available locally, look online for raw dairy databases.

Avoid: Inorganic, made from confined, grain-fed animals.