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Candida Cleansing Protocol


There are numerous approaches for clearing candida; unfortunately, very few can deliver complete healing. Years of research, experimentation and direct experience have revealed that for a serious yeast infestation, diet is simply not enough, and the products found in most health food stores cannot do the trick either. Our goal is to provide you with the most concise, easy-to-follow, result-oriented cleanse possible. If you take committed action throughout the necessary time frame, you will have excellent results.

We encourage you to bring a printout of the Candida Cleanse to your alternative health care practitioners if you will be undergoing testing or assessment by them. They may have valuable suggestions to complement the protocol. Some of what we ask may be a stretch for you. Please know that every step we recommend is here because it is essential. Each element of the cleanse offers a tremendous reward, and if you participate fully for as long as you need, you will be very pleased with the results.

Candida Protocol

Each day take the following according to the directions found on the bottles. Additional suggestions are found below. Purchase the following items from reputable natural foods store, online resources or through alternative care practioners or integrative doctors. Choose from one of the following programs, depending on how easy it is for you to obtain the suggested products, do not use both programs, choose only one.

Cooked chicken and broccoli

Program #1: A. Oil of Oregano
B. Garlic or Garlic and Ginger
C. Tanalbit
Program #2: A. Tanalbit
B. HLC Candacleer
C. AC Formula
  1. AC Formula: by Pure Encapsulations
  2. Oil of Oregano: use a reliable source
  3. Garlic: use a reliable source
  4. Garlic and Ginger: use a reliable source
  5. HLC Candacleer: by Pharmax
  6. Tanalbit: by Intensive Nutrition
  7. Digestive Enzymes: use a reliable source
  8. Probiotics: use a reliable source

Probiotics are an essential part of this program as they help to colonize the gut with the friendly flora that compete for space in the intestine with the wicked Candida. Choose a quality probiotic found in the cold section of a good natural food choose from the probiotics, acidophilus, bifidobacteria, and fructooligosaccharride (FOS).

A note on Oregano Oil capsules: Oregano is quite strong. Begin slowly with Oregano oil, as it is extremely strong tasting, and may cause indigestion. Begin with one capsule or five drops of the essential oil placed into an empty gelatin or veggie cap and take it with a small amount of juice once daily to establish whether you can tolerate it or not. If you do not experience headaches, brain fog, fatigue, or other detoxification symptoms, then you can increase the dose gradually by one capsule every third day. After you can comfortably take one capsule four times daily you can maintain this dose for 6-12 weeks.

Choose digestive enzymes that include amylase and cellulose, and if need be, HCL, betaine hydrochloric acid.

Enjoy all and any herbal teas, especially ginger.
A general nutritional supplement program is also advised, including, though not limited to Vitamin A, beta-carotene, all B-complex vitamins, vitamin, C, vitamin E, calcium, chromium, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. Essential fatty acids are recommended, as is the amino acid taurine.

Additional complementary therapies that are especially valuable while candida cleansing include far infrared (FIR) saunas and colonics, getting more exercise and movement, dry brush self-massage, and therapies such as guided visualization, acupuncture, and various forms of body work to support the release of toxins during cleansing. These complimentary therapies feel good and add great value when cleansing. FIR energy waves are longer than those in the visible range, falling just below (infra) visible red light in the spectrum. Although the wavelengths of far infrared are too long for our eyes to perceive, we experience the energy as gentle radiant heat. At the molecular level, FIR exerts strong rotational and vibrational effects that are biologically beneficial.

Colon hydrotherapy involves deep colonic water flushes used to clean and detoxify the lower intestine and to aid in the rebalancing of intestinal flora. The colon, along with the skin, kidneys, and lungs, is a major organ for eliminating body waste. Healthy functioning of the colon is essential for good digestion and proper absorption of nutrients. Next read the Candida Diet