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Candida Safe Smoothie


This thick and delicious blend makes a great breakfast, especially in the warmer months, a light meal, a perfect snack and an excellent traveling companion. Take a smoothie with you in a thermos on days when you know that getting enough quality, Candida-safe food might be challenging. Rotate the ingredients for an ever-changing recipe, and take delight in knowing that you are getting more nutrients in this power-packed drink than you would find in most snack bars or commercial products of similar ingredients.

1 tart green apple
1 C frozen berries; choose from organically grown berries such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or blackberries
1 C homemade almond milk, yogurt, kefir, water, or raw goat or cow’s milk, if available
1 tsp-2 T raw, organic, unsweetened whey protein powder
1 tsp-1 T high lignin flax seed oil, or raw coconut oil
1 tsp-1 T whole foods green powder
6-10 ice cubes, made from purified water
½-1 C pure water to blend
Place all the above ingredients except the whey protein in a blender, and blend until creamy and smooth. Once thoroughly blended, add whey protein, and give one final blend until well combined.

Notes: Green powders are whole food supplements. They include powdered blue-green algae, chlorella, spirulina, barley or other dried grasses, or a blend that combines one of these with other powdered whole food concentrates. The blends or pre-mixed powders generally have a featured main ingredient, one of the algaes or cereal grasses, and can be a good option. All can be purchased from alternative practitioners, health food stores, or online resources. Buy green powder packed in dark glass, which protects the delicate and tender algae, grasses and vegetables contained within. Begin with a small amount, starting with ¼ tsp, and building up the quantity as your taste buds adjust to the unique flavor of green powder. Eventually, you will easily enjoy 2-3 T in a fruit smoothie, or a blended nut milk drink.

Purchase high lignin flax seed oil in a dark bottle found in the cold case of a natural foods store, or from an online resource. We like the high lignin oil from Barlean’s best.

There are only a few decent whey proteins to be found in the marketplace, none available to purchase in health food stores or vitamin shops, let alone big box stores. Decent whey proteins must be purchased directly from the companies that make them, from alternative practitioners or distributors, or from online resources. In order for whey to be fully digestible, it must be processed at extremely low heat and come from cows that produce organic milk, and are grazed on open land in a clean and serene setting, so that they are not only free-range and grass-fed, but also live in a stress-free environment.