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Clay and Oral Health

Holistic Dentistry by Dr Catherine Rossi


People all over the world eat clay. There are many scientific works praising the virtues of clay. Even today in Chernobyl, clay is used to decontaminate drinking water. Prehistoric man already ate clay.

Indications of clay

Jade Alègre, the world specialist in clay, has used it daily in all her humanitarian missions. Clay has been recommended as an anti-poison, among others by the kings of France. It can be used externally or internally.

As Jade Alègre says, “Clay is not earth, it is mountain in small pieces”, it is sterile and clean. It is like eating rock, it is a mineral treatment. It is said that pieces of clay can even make water drinkable. Clay catches viruses and bacteria, it acts on all natural poisons. Putting a pebble of clay in a non-metallic water bottle will decontaminate water in ½ hour. Remember to shake before drinking.

On the other hand, clay works much less well on chemical poisons. Clay has an anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, and anti-parasitic action, but it does not act on all parasites.

Clay is a mineral DNA

Clay does not deteriorate when transported, even in hot weather, and it has no expiration date. It is the ideal medicine for frequent travelers. A clay poultice quickly soothes burns, and clay is also used for all fractures and tendonitis. In fact, clay can be used for just about anything, from the slightest pain to the smallest injury.

Clay is alive, so it will react according to our needs, for example, if we drink it, it can accelerate or decrease our transit according to our needs. NASA says that without clay there would be no life on earth, considering that clay is like a mineral DNA that would have served as a model for organic DNA.

Clay in external or internal application

In the book “L’argile qui guérit” by Raymond Dextreit, which is a reference for the use of clay in external application, the author expresses reservations about the use of clay in people with high blood pressure, but in fact this is a mistake. On the other hand, it is important to avoid taking clay at the same time as medication, because as it is anti-poisonous, it removes all substances that are foreign to the body. It should therefore be taken 3 hours after a medicinal treatment.

Concerning parasites, green clay is very active on pinworms in children. It can be used as a poultice directly in the mouth, on a dental abscess. Some patients are familiar with this recipe while waiting for their appointment at the dental office.

Clay-based recipes

Home-toothpaste enthusiasts use white clay as a base. Clay has adsorbing properties in addition to its covering power, that, 1gr of clay can cover 100m² of intestine, so it treats the intestines very well to remove the inflammation of the intestinal walls. In case of otitis, you can put a clay poultice on the back of the ear.

For example, potatoes contain a poison called solanine, so Jade Alègre informs us that every time we eat a potato we are poisoned. In Peru, where this tuber originates, to avoid its toxicity, the potato is cooked with sulphureous elements, for example cabbage, and this people makes a sauce based on clay in which the potato is soaked before eating it, that in the objective to neutralize the solanine.

In Europe, potatoes must be cooked in water with a good handful of clay.

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