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Cleansing Tips


To obtain the best possible results from your Colon Cleanse:
Colon Therapy: plan for at least one colonic, better yet, two. The colon is a major organ for eliminating bodily waste. Colon Therapy uses a series of colonic water flushes to clean and detoxify the entire lower intestine for a deep and complete clearing out.
Enemas: are excellent for clearing low bowel congestion. Enemas can be done in the privacy of your own home. If you do not get Colonics, enemas will certainly help.
Constipation: If you are having trouble moving your bowels more than once a day during the cleanse, drink more water and increase the natural herbal laxatives by one capsule each evening. Utilize enemas to keep bowels moving.
Detoxifying bath: Add 4-6 cups of Epsom Salt to your bath. Essential oils such as lemon and geranium may enhance your experience.
Bodywork: Make an appointment for massage, chiropractic adjustment or other form of bodywork. This is a wonderful time to tune into your body and all its sensations.
Go for a stroll. If you are feeling agitated or restless, walk it off. Stirred up toxins are being eliminated and moving around helps ease the discomfort.
Do pH testing.
Make juice. If you don’t feel like eating, juice can replace meals during the cleanse.
Dry Skin Brushing is an efficient way to cleanse the skin, the largest eliminative organ of your body.
Hot-Cold Therapy. Do this simple hydrotherapy treatment right before getting out of the shower: Gradually turn the water temperature to cold for a ten second invigorating rinse. Go back and forth between hot and cold water 2-4 times. Dry off with a brisk rub down.
Keep a Journal. Write your goals, thoughts and dreams. Increased energy may inspire you with new ideas. Capture the moment with your written word.
Keep in mind that cleansing is different for each person. Some people enjoy more energy during a cleanse, while others may feel lethargic or experience flu-like symptoms often referred to as a “cleansing reaction”.
Get sufficient sleep and rest. Go outside for plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Listen to your intuition and keep your stress levels at a bare minimum.
Clean house. During a cleanse you may feel like cleaning clutter in your cupboards and closets. This is a great time to eliminate and reorganize.
Completions. This may be a good time to contact an old friend, catch up with procrastinations, resolve relationship issues and get current with communications.
Choosing to cleanse demonstrates self-love and responsibility. During this time, you may find it easier to forgive, accept and change certain things in your life.
See Glossary. Here you will find descriptions of terms you may not be familiar with.

Read one of the many excellent books on cleansing and detoxification for inspiration and further information. Here are few great titles:

7-day Detox Miracle, by Peter Bennett, N.D. and Stephen Barrie, N.D.
Internal Cleansing, by Linda Berry, D.C.
The Healthy Liver and Bowel Book, by Sandra Cabot, M.D.
The Liver Cleansing Diet, by Sandra Cabot, M.D.
The New Detox Diet, by Elson Haas, M. D.
The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, Robert Morse, N.D.
Healing Colon Disease Naturally, by Dr. Richard Schulze
Diet & Nutrition, The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering your health and rebuilding your immunity. by Donna Gates with Linda Schatz.
The Miracles of Coconut Oil by Bruce Fife, N.D.See More Books

Cleansing is about ridding our bodies of accumulated toxins. It is also about minimizing the intake of new poisons in our day-to-day living. This means permanently eliminating all conventionally grown foods, processed foods, refined sugars and flours, homogenized and pasteurized dairy products, conventional animal foods, and hydrogenated and heat processed fats and oils.

Cleansing is an important part of healing your body and is highly recommended. It is not a quick fix; long-term problems may require significant and permanent changes. The Colon Cleanse is part of a new, healthier lifestyle choice that embraces whole food nutrition. We encourage you to use cleansing as an opportunity to enter into a new improved lifestyle. By doing so, you will reap great rewards.

Cleanse designed by Chakra Earthsong, Natural Cures Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant.

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