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Coconut Oil rules!


Coconut oil is delicious, nutritious, creamy and smooth natural plant oil. Coconut oil is highly recommended not only for its lovely texture and taste, but also for its many valuable health benefits. In its raw, undenatured state, it is a clean, healthy saturated plant fat. The issue of saturated fat can be very confusing, so let’s get this clear right now. Though we do need to minimize our intake of saturated animal fats, saturated plant or vegetable fats are another story. It is important to note that toxins are stored in fat, and that goes for animals as well as humans. So, when you eat conventionally-produced meat, the fat in the meat contains a hefty serving of chemicals and toxins. This is part of the why it is essential to eat organically produced animal products.

In the case of vegetable fat, we are dealing with a whole different beast! Saturated plant fats are actually beneficial for us, and healthy vegetable fats are difficult to come by. You may have heard that coconut oil helps you lose weight. Coconut oil helps raise the body’s temperature, and this in turn contributes to weight loss. In our culture, many people suffer from thyroid dysfunction and some are overweight due to these low thyroid conditions. This leads to lowered metabolic function. Coconut oil helps boost the metabolism by raising the body’s temperature, which in turn means you have more energy. With this increased energy, your exercise and movement ability can get a boost; all of a sudden, you feel like moving around more. You might find yourself walking every day, taking more trips to the gym, and this movement furthers your weight loss capacity.

We are not promising anything, though stories abound of those who have been able to wean themselves off of their thyroid medication over a period of time by vastly improving their diet and consistently consuming medicinal quantities of coconut oil.

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