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Just Juice…


Just Juice

In a hurry to get the coconut water? Follow these quick steps:

  1. Place the young coconut on its side on a solid cutting board; hold it steady.
  • Using a thick serrated knife, start sawing back and forth an inch or two into the flat bottom, cutting away the husk of the coconut; this is fairly easy, though it will ruin your knife over time. Consider buying an inexpensive, thick serrated knife just for coconuts.
  • A white or brownish ring will appear. The center of this ring is the soft spot, or easy access point to the delicious liquid inside.
  • Turning the coconut bottom side up, poke down through the soft spot, creating a hole in the coconut shell. Try positioning the cone-shaped end into the drain of a sink to make poking easier. You could also place it in a blender carafe, large measuring cup, or small bowl.
  • Insert straw to sip bliss!
  • Once you have enjoyed the juice, you can crack open the coconut to access the meat inside. You can adapt the above directions or take a hammer, and with a few good whacks, break open the coconut and scoop out the meat.