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Cold Sores And Natural Medicine


You wake up in a morning and you feel a tingle on your top or bottom lip, you know this signals the appearance of a blister or two.  These small blisters are caused by a virus called herpes simplex which lie in wait under the skin tissue and appear in the same place on a person’s lip time and time again.

The minute that you feel the tingling or burning sensation it is wise to take immediate action with natural medicine.

Cold sores are inclined to appear when a person’s immune system has been lowered due to bouts of flu, having a headache or a sore throat. Natural medicine can help as a supplement with replacing lost energy levels.

At Natural Cures, we know there are natural remedies that can bring about a fast closure for a cold sore. However, there is a cycle of burning, bursting, drying out and then waiting for it to come to a crust.

The infection of a cold sore stays in a person’s body indefinitely. There is a range of herbal remedies that can rebalance and restore biological chemicals in the body, reduce and remove a cold sore.

A person who has a cold sore should adhere to strict hygiene procedures and not use the same soap and hand towels as other family members.

Essential information: Natural medicine and herbal remedies can help to fight off a cold sore. Changing one’s diet to help the body’s immune system build itself up and can stop reoccurring cold sores.