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Bruising refers to bruises – darkish black and blue marks on the skin that are usually formed without a cut.

Typically, the first discolorations of bruises are black and blue. Then, when the hemoglobin of the blood breaks down, the color turns to yellow. Bruises are also associated with some swelling and surrounding redness of the tissues.

Bruising occurs due to blood that leaks out of capillaries, generally after an injury, and collects just beneath the surface of the skin.

Bruising is more common in children, primarily as a result of accidents. Bruising also occurs more frequently in women than in men, which may be due to the estrogen demands of vitamin C on the body.

Bruises that do not fade after a week, or are recurrent without cause, may be signs of bleeding disorders or vitamin C and bioflavonoid deficiencies. Or they could be signs of underlying stresses on the body that continually deplete the vitamin C stores. In such cases, it is important that you see your physician.

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Eat a whole foods diet that emphasizes foods rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids, such as fresh fruits, buckwheat and green leafy vegetables, the latter of which are also rich in vitamin K which plays an important role in reducing bruising.

Eat fresh pineapple, it contains bromelain, an enzyme which help clear the body of metabolic waste from injuries.

It is important to not add further toxicity to your system when you are trying to heal so adhere to the following:

  • Do not consume any artificial sweeteners, such as Splenda, NutraSweet or Aspartame
  • Do not consume high fructose corn syrup or mono-sodium glutamate.
  • Do not drink any carbonated beverages.
  • Avoid all fast food restaurants.
  • Avoid all canned food.
  • Eliminate conventional dairy products.  The best dairy products are raw, unpasteurised and homogenised dairy from grass fed cows.  If this is unavailable, then buy organic dairy.
  • Avoid conventional beef. The best beef is organic grass fed beef. The second best is organic meat; this includes beef, veal, lamb, chicken and turkey.Check out www.grasslandbeef.com.


  • Bilberry extract is good for strengthening capillaries.
  • Vitamin B9 and B12.

Prescription and non-prescription medication:

What non-prescription and prescription drugs are you taking?  Your non-prescription and prescription are partially the reason that you have this illness or disease – you need to get off these medications, but do so only under the guidance of a licensed health care practitioner.

Injuries can occur more frequently when we are out of balance.  Here are some things you can do to combat stress and restore balance:

  • Go to a Dr Morter BEST (Bio-Energetic Synchronisation Technique) Practitioner.
  • Sign up for Energetic Re-Balancing: 2 practitioners to consider are:
    • Stephen Lewis, founder of the Aim Program. Find out more by clicking here.
    • . Find out more by clicking here.
  • Consider using Mary Millers Iching System Products – ichingsystemsinstruments.com
  • Reiki healing is very powerful in releasing stress and emotional baggage.  Find a practitioner here.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has had remarkable results in dissolving stress.  Find a local practitioner here or go to www.thetappingsolution.com or www.tftrx.com
  • Try Hypnotherapy to relax the mind. Find a practitioner here.

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