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Chemical Poisoning


Approximately 95% of all accidental or intentional poisonings are due to chemicals.  90% of these cases happen at home.  Chemical poisoning occurs when toxic substances and solvents enter the body and have an adverse effect on organ function. Chemicals that can cause poisoning include chlorine, disinfectants, heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides and petroleum products. When such substances are absorbed by the body, they cause damage to the internal organs, especially the liver.

Symptoms of chemical poisoning can vary greatly, ranging from skin conditions such as rashes and boils, to organ damage such as kidney or liver failure.

Chemical poisoning most often occurs in the home due to household chemicals, or in people who are exposed to chemicals on the job. Chemical poisons may enter the body following topical exposure to skin, breathing in poisons from the air, chronic poisoning from gradual exposure on the job, accidental poisoning in the home (most often young children who swallow prescription drugs or household chemicals), or by a suicide attempt.

Due to our highly toxic environment, anyone may be at risk for chemical poisoning, regardless of whether they live in an industrial, urban, or even a rural setting. Scientific evidence shows that everyone on the planet carries residues of dioxin, DDT, and numerous other chemical toxins in the fatty tissues of their bodies, and that lead burdens are now 200-1,000 times greater than in the skeletal remains of people living 1,000 years ago. Moreover, concentrations of chemical toxins in the body continue to rise, meaning that everyone can benefit from reducing their overall toxic chemical load.

*In severe, acute cases of chemical poisoning, seek immediate emergency help.

As with all diseases this did not happen overnight. The very first thing you must do is see a licensed health professional. Find a list of practitioners in your local area here.

Here are some things you can discuss with your practitioner:

Health Protocols

Detoxification Therapy:

  • Do the Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol to strengthen the immune system:
  • Drink 3oz of Colloidal Silver, three or four times a day for 60 days Silver has long been recognised as a powerful natural antibiotic.  Colloidal silver is silver that has been removed electronically from its source and then suspended in water.  It is used to treat a myriad of diseases.


  • For chemical poisoning caused by pesticides, add one cup of household bleach in a full bath of water as hot as you can comfortably bear it. Stay in until it cools to body temperature. The heat brings the toxins to the surface, and as the water cools, the toxins are drawn out of the body. For carbon monoxide poisoning, add five drops of household bleach to a glass of water and sip slowly. The bleach will help oxygenate your body`s cells, counteracting the effects of the carbon monoxide.
  • We recommend colonics to remove toxicity from the body.  Read more about colonics by clicking here.  Find a practitioner here.
  • Saunas may also be effective in helping chemical poisoning, as can regular Epsom salt baths and skin brushing to encourage toxin elimination.
  • Most of the water that we drink is very acidic and in order to heal our bodies need a more alkaline state.  During the programme drink alkalised water, which you can buy from Real Water, or you can buy a Kangen Unit.

Eat organically grown foods as much as possible.  A high-fiber diet is particularly helpful for cleansing the system. Recommended foods include brown rice, beans, barley, lentils, oatmeal, beets, carrots, spinach, garlic, onions, almonds, brazil nuts, bananas, lemons, grapes, dates, and plain, organic yogurt.

Short, periodic fasts are also recommended to reduce toxicity. (See our Cleansing and Detoxification section for more information.)

It is important to not add further toxicity to your system during the healing process so also try to adhere to the following:

  • Do not consume any artificial sweeteners, such as Splenda, NutraSweet or Aspartame
  • Do not consume high fructose corn syrup or mono-sodium glutamate.
  • Do not drink any carbonated beverages.
  • Avoid all fast food restaurants.
  • Avoid all canned food.
  • Eliminate conventional dairy products.  The best dairy products are raw, unpasteurised and homogenised dairy from grass fed cows.  If this is unavailable, then buy organic dairy.
  • Avoid conventional beef.  The best beef is organic grass fed beef.  The second best is organic meat; this includes beef, veal, lamb, chicken and turkey.


In emergency situations caused by chemical poisoning, a very high dose of vitamin C and glutathione given intravenously can be very helpful.

Other useful nutrients include vitamin B complex with choline and inositol, vitamin C with bioflavonoids, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, garlic capsules, superoxide dismutase (SOD), raw liver extract, protein supplements (free-form amino acids, especially L-cysteine and L-methionine), and selenium.

The following protocol, administered under a physician’s care, can also be helpful:

Supplement with essential fatty acids like flaxseed, canola, safflower, or sunflower oil (two to three tablespoons to as much as 1/8 cup); co-enzymated B complex; vitamin C; and lecithin. Consume immediately before a light exercise session or a light, dry sauna. Immediately after exercise or sauna, take a cool shower with a good quality soap. People who are very ill from the toxins should work into the exercise and sauna program very slowly.

Prescription and non-prescription medication:

What non-prescription and prescription drugs are you taking?  Your non-prescription and prescription are partially the reason that you have this illness or disease – you need to get off these medications but do so only under the guidance of a licensed health care practitioner.

We know that when the body is out of balance, energy doesn’t flow, leading blockages and eventually disease. Here are some things you can do to overcome these blocks and restore balance:

  • Go to a Dr Morter BEST (Bio-Energetic Synchronisation Technique) Practitioner.
  • Sign up for Energetic Re-Balancing: 2 practitioners to consider are:

Stephen Lewis – Find out more by clicking here.

– Find out more by clicking here.

  • Reiki is a very powerful healing technique.  Find a local practitioner here
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has had remarkable results in healing the body and mind.  Find a local practitioner here or go to or

Ayurvedic Medicine

Milk thistle may be recommended to remove impurities in the liver that have accumulated from contaminated blood as well as foods that are rich in fiber to encourage speedier elimination of toxins through bowel movements.  Oil pulling may also be suggested to remove harmful toxins (see article and video sections for more info).

As always the fastest most effective way to receive tailored advice to your own situation, you should visit a local licensed practitioner. Find your closest Ayurvedic practitioners here.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Green tea and other herbs that have antioxidant properties to protect the degeneration of the liver may be recommended.  However, it is essential to receive bespoke advice based upon your own situation so you should visit a local licensed practitioner. Find your closest Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners here.


The following is a list of the most effective detoxifying essential oils.  A few drops of your favourite scents can be mixed in 10ml of carrier oil and added to bath water:

Angelica root
Black Pepper
Fennel Sweet
Juniper Berry

To ensure positive results, always check that the essential oil is a 100% pure plant distillation and that it comes from a reputable source.

Homeopathic Medicine

Owing to the principles behind homeopathy it is essential you see a licensed practitioner to receive your own personalised prescription.  Find your closest Homeopath here.

Here are some remedies that your practitioner may suggest:

APIS 12c






Herbs for the regeneration of liver cells are helpful, combined with ones that facilitate elimination of waste from the body. Specific details depend upon the chemicals involved, but one general practice is to combine the tinctures of milk thistle, licorice, and dandelion leaf in equal parts and take one teaspoonful of this mixture three times a day. Considerable research and clinical experience has shown that the herb milk thistle is very effective in assisting the liver when exposed to chemical toxins.


Flower Essences: Take Crab Apple for detoxification and Star of Bethlehem for emotional shock or trauma, if poisoning caused by an accident.

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