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Night Blindness


Night blindness, as its name implies, is a condition in which vision becomes impaired during the night or in times of darkness, making it difficult, and in some cases, impossible to distinguish objects or read signs.

The primary symptom of night blindness is impaired vision during the night or in times of darkness. Objects become difficult to distinguish and streets signs become blurry and, in some cases, unreadable. In addition, a blurring halo can appear over objects that are lit, making them difficult to see. In many cases of night blindness, these symptoms disappear during daylight.

There are two primary causes of night blindness. In many cases, it is due to poor diet and nutritional deficiencies, especially a lack of vitamin Aand/or zinc. In others, it is due to a more serious eye condition known as retinitis pigmentosa, which is caused by a deterioration of the eye cells in the retina that distinguish light and dark, known as rods.

Caution: If you suspect you suffer from retinitis pigmentosa, seek medical attention immediately, because, if left untreated, it can lead to a progressive loss of sight and even complete blindness.

As with all diseases this did not happen overnight. The very first thing you must do is see a licensed health professional. Find a list of practitioners in your local area here.

Health Protocols


  • Eliminate Candida: Click here to find out how
  • Do the Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol to strengthen the immune system:
  • Drink 3oz of Colloidal Silver, three or four times a day for 60 days Silver has long been recognised as a powerful natural antibiotic.  Colloidal silver is silver that has been removed electronically from its source and then suspended in water.  It is used to treat a myriad of diseases.
  • Go on a fast to clear your system of toxic waste


Hydrotherapy is the application of water, ice, steam and hot and cold temperatures to maintain and restore health. Treatments include full body immersion, steam baths, saunas, sitz baths, colonic irrigation and the application of hot and/or cold compresses. Hydrotherapy is effective for treating a wide range of conditions and can easily be used in the home as part of a self-care program. Many Naturopathic Physicians, Physical Therapists and Day Spas use Hydrotherapy as part of treatment. We suggest several at-home hydrotherapy treatments. Please seek the advice of your alternative health care practitioner before undergoing these procedures to make sure they are appropriate for you.

*Purified water is essential for any hydrotherapy treatment. Remedies for Treating Chlorinated Bath Water offers clear instructions and recommendations.

  • We recommend regular colonics to remove toxicity from the body.  Read more about colonics by clicking here.  Find a practitionerhere.
  • Most of the water that we drink is very acidic and in order to heal our bodies need a more alkaline state.  During the programme drink alkalised water, which you can buy from Real Water.

Emphasize a diet of organic, whole foods, with a daily abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Choose from a wide variety, focusing on those foods rich in antioxidants. These include red, orange and purple bell peppers, carrots, celery, dark-green leafy vegetables such as chard, kale, collard, spinach and richer colored green leaf lettuces, parsley, tomatoes and yellow squash. Fruits high in anti-oxidants include berries, especially raw or juiced Acai berries, Goji berries and dark colored berries, purple and red grapes, plums, cherries, mangos, melons and citrus fruits. For a sweet treat or to help curb chocolate cravings, enjoy the anti-oxidant rich unsweetened cacoa. Mixed with natural sweeteners such as raw honey or agave syrup, cacoa is a scrumptious alternative to the typical refined sugar in conventional chocolate products.

Organic egg yolks are also recommended because they are rich in carotenoids, an important class of antioxidants. It is best to eat soft, rather than hard cooked egg yolks to preserve the heat sensitive valuable carotenoids. Soft boiled, poached, sunny side up, or raw eggs are best. Raw eggs may be eaten if they come from a reliable organic source and are washed prior to cracking. Samonella travels on the shell of the egg and enters the egg from the outside, so washing eggs with hot sudsy water minimizes exposure.

Avoid all processed and fried foods, sugar and sugar products, refined, simple carbohydrates, alcohol, and unhealthy hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. Milk and dairy products should be consumed sparingly, and preferably raw and organic. Avoid conventional flesh foods and overcooked/grilled meats. In addition, test for food allergies and sensitivities and eliminate those foods that test positive.

Also be sure to drink plenty of pure, filtered water throughout the day, at least half your body weight in ounces, to help flush out accumulated debris in the eye drainage channels. Proper hydration is also essential for maintaining the suppleness of the eyes’ lenses. Fresh raw green juices are also an important addition to one`s daily food plan. See the recipe section for green juice suggestions.


Useful nutrients include vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, flavonoids, lutein, N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), riboflavin, selenium, taurine, zeaxthanin, and zinc.

Prescription and non-prescription medication:

What non-prescription and prescription drugs are you taking?  Your non-prescription and prescription are partially the reason that you have this illness or disease – you need to get off these medications but do so only under the guidance of a licensed health care practitioner.

We know that when the body is out of balance, energy doesn’t flow, leading blockages and eventually disease. Here are some things you can do to combat stress and restore balance:

  • Go to a Dr Morter BEST (Bio-Energetic Synchronisation Technique) Practitioner.
  • Sign up for Energetic Re-Balancing: 2 practitioners to consider are:
  • Stephen Lewis, founder of the Aim Program. Find out more by clicking here.
  • . Find out more by clicking here.
  • Consider using Mary Millers Iching System Products –
  • Reiki healing is very powerful in releasing stress and emotional baggage.  Find a practitioner here.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has had remarkable results in dissolving stress.  Find a local practitioner here or go or
  • Try Hypnotherapy to relax the mind.  Find a practitioner here.

Learn to love yourself and stop berating yourself.  What you say to yourself is what you are or what you become.  Watch mindfulness films such as What the Bleep Do We Know and You Can Heal Your Life www.youcanhealyourlifemovie.comand start using powerful positive affirmations such as “I take loving care of my body” and “I am ready to change” Say the phrase over and over again until you start to believe them.  Never underestimate the power of your mind.

  • Meditate and allow yourself to be still.  This may be really difficult for you at first but stick with it building up your time slowly.  Often people create an eating disorder in order to fill a void, to stop them from thinking and feeling, and to give them something to focus on.  Try guided meditations to help you to relax and let go of negative programming.

Ayurvedic Medicine

According to Ayurvedic theory, most vision problems are due to digestive disorders. Emphasis is given to regular eye exercises, as well as the use of the herbs amla, licorice, and triphala, and a diet rich in organic, whole food with abundant quantities of antioxidant rich vegetables such as carrots and spinach.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to TCM theory, most vision problems are due to diminished liver function. To restore healthy liver function, TCM practitioners combine acupuncture with dietary changes and traditional Chinese herbs, such as ginkgo biloba and ginseng.

Homeopathic Medicine

We recommend you consult a licensed practitioner so that you can receive tailor-made treatment. But something you may wish to discuss is a remedy called Night Blindness which contains the following: Cadmium SulphD10+100C, PhysostigmaD10+100C, HelliborusD10+100C, Strychnin PhosD10+100C, Calc PicD10+100C, Zincum PhosD10+100C


The following herbs can help to prevent and slow the progression of night blindness: bilberry, curcumin, gentian root, grapeseed extract, ginkgo biloba, and pine bark extract (pycnogenol).


Bates Method: The Bates Method was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by Dr. W. H. Bates, M.D. (1865-1931), a prominent American ophthalmologist, to improve sight and restore natural habits of seeing, which Dr. Bates believed became impaired through strain, tension and the resulting misuse of the eyes. The aim of the Bates Method is to teach people with vision problems such as astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness how to get the eyes and mind work together harmoniously to significantly improve eyesight.

The Bates Method is not a medical treatment, but a method of re-education that involves both active learning and the receptive awareness of how to appreciate what we see, such as the appreciation of a painting, a beautiful garden or a cathedral. Dr. Bates believed that healthy eyesight is the result of a relaxed state of mind and body in which the individual feels a direct contact with the surrounding world through his or her five senses. Poor eyesight, he believed, is the result of tension, where the person is, to a greater or lesser extent, isolated from the outside world through being locked in a pattern of psycho-physical tensions, such as worry, anxiety, rigidity, day-dreaming, boredom, confusion, impatience, etc.

The Bates Method is taught via a student-teacher relationship in which the student is shown how to relax the eyes, then the body, and then the body and eyes together. As the relaxation progresses, the mind, the eyes and the body begin to focus together more harmoniously, allowing eyesight to improve naturally by itself, along with the overall health of the eyes.

Biofeedback Training: Biofeedback training has been shown to be helpful for improving a variety of vision disorders, including astigmatism, near- and farsightedness, and night blindness. Traditional biofeedback training helps patients become better able to relax the muscles of their forehead, thus reducing pressure of the eyeball and overall eyestrain.

A specific biofeedback instrument for improving poor eyesight is the Accommotrac Vision Trainer®, developed by optometric physician Joseph, Trachtman, O.D., Ph.D., of New York City. This device works by measuring how clearly and effectively the retina perceives images. As patients change their focus, the Accommotrac transforms the visual images they are viewing into sound. This enables them to become better able to detect and control their changes in focus, thus also improving their control over the eye muscles themselves. Treatment sessions are typically scheduled once a week for an hour each time. The Accommotrac has been shown to provide significant improvements in refractory vision problems, including astigmatism, near- and farsightedness, and night blindness.

Eye Exercises: The following eye exercises are useful for preventing and reversing most types of vision problems.

  • Rest your eyes for five minutes every 30 to 60 minutes, relaxing your gaze and staring into space.
  • Blink your eyes regularly. This reduces eyestrain.
  • Take regular breaks throughout the day to breathe deeply for a few minutes, coupled with neck and shoulder stretching. This helps to ensure that your eye muscles receive adequate amounts of oxygen.
  • To further reduce facial tension, yawn in an exaggerated fashion. Doing so helps to stretch and relax your facial muscles.
  • Cover your eyes with you palms for five minutes and breathe deeply. Do this every one to two hours.
  • Spend 20 to 30 minutes each day rapidly switching your focus from near to far. An easy way to do this is to hold your finger six to eight inches from your eyes. Focus on it for a moment, then focus on an object in the distance. Keep changing your focus from near to far. This is an excellent way to exercise your eye muscles.
  • Roll your eyes all the way up and down in a full circular motion for five minutes, three to five times a day.
  • Pin a sheet of reading material to the wall and read it from two feet away (or closer if you need to). Each day, step further away from the wall. With regular practice, you will eventually be able to read the same material from across the room. If you are nearsighted, reverse this process, starting as far away from the sheet of paper as you need to be, then slowly moving closer each day until you are able to read it standing only a few inches away.

Juice Therapy: Drink 16 ounces of carrot juice and/or carrot juice combined with freshly juiced celery, cucumber, parsley, and spinach in two divided doses (eight ounces per serving) each day.

Lifestyle: Avoid eyestrain by refraining from working at a computer terminal or reading for long periods of time. Also refrain from watching television or movies in the dark, as well as spending prolonged periods in darkness.

John Downing Technique of Colored Light Therapy

Vitamin A for night blindess:


Special aids for people with night blindness:


Carrots really do help you see in the dark:

The berry that enhances vision:

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