An easily-spread skin disease, scabies is caused by very small species of mite. Found worldwide among people of all groups and ages, it is spread by direct contact with infected people, and less often by sharing clothing or bedding.
Outbreaks of scabies are more common in nursing homes, nursing facilities, and child care centers.
The mites that cause scabies burrow into the skin and deposit their eggs, forming a burrow that looks like a pencil mark. Eggs mature in 21 days and the itchy rash is an allergic response to the mite..
Scabies is spread by skin-to-skin contact with another person who has scabies, but Pets and animals cannot spread human scabies.
It is also not very likely for scabies to be spread by:

  • A swimming pool
  • Contact with the towels, bedding, and clothing of someone who has scabies, unless the person has what is called “crusted scabies”

Scabies symptoms generally include the following;

  • Itching, especially at night
  • Rashes, especially between the fingers
  • Sores (abrasions) on the skin from scratching and digging
  • Thin, pencil-mark lines on the skin

In young children, the head, neck, shoulders, palms, and soles are involved. In older children and adults, the hands, wrists, genitals, and abdomen are involved.

Scabies is a skin condition caused by the parasite Sarcoptes scabiei.

The intense itching  associated with scabies is thought to be caused by the immune system reacting to the mites and their saliva, eggs and faeces (poo).

A scabies infestation starts when a female mite burrows into your skin.

Male mites move between different burrow sites looking to mate. After mating, the male mite dies and the female begins to lay eggs which hatch around three to four days later.

After hatching, the young mites move to the surface of the skin where they mature into adults after 10-15 days. Male mites stay on the surface of the skin, while female mites burrow back into the skin to create a new burrow. The life cycle is then repeated.

Without effective treatment, the scabies mite life cycle can continue indefinitely. Scabies mites are resistant to soap and hot water and cannot be scrubbed out of the skin.

As with all diseases this did not happen overnight. The very first thing you must do is see a licensed health professional. Find a list of practitioners in your local area here.

Health Protocols

Detoxification Therapy:

  • Do the Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol to strengthen the immune system:
  • Drink 3oz of Colloidal Silver, three or four times a day for 60 days Silver has long been recognised as a powerful natural antibiotic.  Colloidal silver is silver that has been removed electronically from its source and then suspended in water.  It is used to treat a myriad of diseases.


  • We recommend regular colonics to remove toxicity from the body.  Read more about colonics by clicking here.  Find a practitioner here.
  • Most of the water that we drink is very acidic and in order to heal our bodies need a more alkaline state.  During the programme drink alkalised water, which you can buy from Real Water.
  • Take a bath as often as possible up to once a day with two litres of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Some changes can be made to your diet to aid in recovery and ease the symptoms of scabies:

Walnuts – Adding black walnuts to your diet may help rid you of mites. Some people use them as a home remedy, as they are believed to be an insect repellent. While these walnuts do not keep you from getting scabies, they may help prevent infections from the rash.

Rhubarb – Rhubarb can help get rid of a scabies infection, as it is a natural anti-parasitic. It’s also a good source of vitamin C, which can help with skin quality in general.

It is important to not add further toxicity to your system so try to adhere to the following:

  • Do not consume any artificial sweeteners, such as Splenda, NutraSweet or Aspartame
  • Do not consume high fructose corn syrup or mono-sodium glutamate.
  • Do not drink any carbonated beverages.
  • Avoid all fast food restaurants.
  • Avoid all canned food.
  • Eliminate conventional dairy products.  The best dairy products are raw, unpasteurised and homogenised dairy from grass fed cows.  If this is unavailable, then buy organic dairy.
  • Avoid conventional beef.  The best beef is organic grass fed beef.  The second best is organic meat; this includes beef, veal, lamb, chicken and turkey.


Keep your family’s immune system healthy by using non-toxic cleaning products and nutritional supplementation.

Special soaps, creams and lotions can help kill scabies, but this is not enough to completely rid a child or family of scabies infestation. All surroundings must sanitized. Most chemical treatments for killing parasites like scabies and lice contain potent pesticides and insecticides known as pediculicides. These pediculicides have been known to cause immune suppression, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, circulatory collapse behavioral changes, neuromuscular damage, chronic skin eruptions, liver damage, asthma, respiratory failure, stillbirths, birth defects, cancer and even death.

  • Take Vitamin D3 50,000-100,000 International Units a day for periods of 4 weeks at a time.
  • Wholefood supplements are the best way of ensuring your nutritional needs are met.  The best we know on the market is Kevin Trudeau’s “KT Daily” product.  You can find more details here.
  • Take an Omega 3 supplement:

Krill oil

Fish oil

Cod liver oil


Prescription and non-prescription medication:

What non-prescription and prescription drugs are you taking?  Your non-prescription and prescription are partially the reason that you have this illness or disease – you need to get off these medications but do so only under the guidance of a licensed health care practitioner.

We know that when the body is out of balance, energy doesn’t flow, leading blockages and eventually disease. Here are some things you can do to combat stress and restore balance:

  • Go to a Dr Morter BEST (Bio-Energetic Synchronisation Technique) Practitioner.
  • Sign up for Energetic Re-Balancing: 2 practitioners to consider are:

Stephen Lewis, founder of the Aim Program. Find out more by clicking here.

. Find out more by clicking here.

  • Reiki healing is very powerful in releasing stress and emotional baggage.  Find a practitioner here.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has had remarkable results in dissolving stress.  Find a local practitioner here or go to or
  • Try Hypnotherapy to relax the mind.  Find a practitioner here.

Ayurvedic Medicine

As always the fastest most effective way to receive tailored advice to your own situation, you should visit a local licensed practitioner. Find your closest Ayurvedic practitioners here.

Here are some remedies that your practitioner may suggest:
Purified sulphur(Note that it is purified sulphur, which is non-toxic) is useful in treating scabies. 0.2 gms of purified sulphur can be given to the patiets two times a day with honey on empty stomach. this treatment should be done under strict supervision of a qualified ayurvedic doctor. It is observed that purified sulphur is well tolerated by even infants.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

To receive bespoke advice based upon your own situation you should visit a local licensed practitioner. Find your closest Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners here.

Here are some remedies that your practitioner may suggest:
Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years for a variety of conditions, and it is believed to be excellent at treating skin conditions, too – including acne and rashes.
Some herbs known to be beneficial for the skin include Echinacea, as well as green tea and dandelion.


Scabies is treatable with medicine from your doctor or naturally with essential oils, such as lavender.

Add lavender oil to a bath to help speed the healing process. Patricia Davis suggests that the best time to apply the skin cream is after bathing. Draw a warm bath and add about five drops of lavender oil to the water. This will help soothe the skin and provide some relief from the itching.

Once the mites have been successfully treated the skin might still show signs of irritation. With its healing affect, lavender oil can help the skin recover more quickly. If normal medicinal creams were used to kill the mites, there will still be skin damage. Treating the skin with lavender cream can still be beneficial to healing the skin even if it was not used to treat the mites.

Use 4 drops of essential oil per 25ml of carrier oil.

To ensure positive results, always check that the essential oil is a 100% pure plant distillation and that it comes from a reputable source.

Homeopathic Medicine

Owing to the principles behind homeopathy it is essential you see a licensed practitioner to receive your own personalised prescription.  Find your closest Homeopath here.


Killing the mites responsible for the scabies is your first order of business to ensure that you won’t get more new symptoms. Balsam of Peru (also known as Myroxyion pereirae syn. M. balsamum) is an evergreen tree that produces oil that can be used to treat parasites.
Apply it directly to the skin to kill the mites, stop bleeding and begin the healing process. You can also mix it with other oils such as olive, almond or sesame oil to soothe the skin. Alder is a deciduous tree found most often in Europe, Asia and North Africa that has mite-killing bark. When the bark is boiled in vinegar and rubbed on the body it may help to kill scabies mites and dry up your scabs.
Calm the Skin
After you have killed the mites, you can begin to calm the skin that has become very red and irritated. The root of the comfrey herb can be made into a topical salve. You can either purchase this cream or create a poultice by mixing powdered comfrey root with a little water and applying it directly to the problem areas. Lavender is well known for its calming properties–it can be found in many soaps and bath products. In its essential oil form it can help skin conditions by stimulating the cells of injured skin to heal smoothly and quickly. It can calm the skin in this way by being rubbed directly into the irritated region or by being mixed with olive oil.
Herbs are good natural remedies for scabies. Some herbs can kill the mites and some can bring relief from the itching caused by scabies.
Useful herbs for scabies include:
• Neem and Turmeric: Neem contains an extract that is powerfully active against many insect pests, including mites. Turmeric has a long folk history for treating itchy skin problems. The easiest way to use these two herbs to treat scabies is to get an organic neem oil product, add several teaspoons of turmeric to it to make a paste and apply it to the affected areas.
• Onion: Onion skins contain quercetin, one of Nature’s best skin-soothing compounds. For scabies, you can boil the skins of a half-dozen onions for 15 to 30 minutes in a quart of water. Let the liquid cool, strain off the skins, then apply the liquid liberally all over your body.
• Evening Primrose and St.-John’s Wort: Evening primrose oil soothes the skin; the herb St.-John’s wort when applied directly to the skin can provide immediate relief from the itching of insect bites. To treat scabies, add a dropperful of the tincture of St.-John’s wort to a tablespoon of EPO and dab the oil on the affected areas.
• Oat: Oat is an excellent anti-itch, skin-soothing herb. If you suffer from scabies, take an oatmeal bath every day to stop the itch. Just scoop a few handfuls of oatmeal into a hot bath and let it soak your body.
• Aloe Vera: The gel of aloe contains a compound which is soothing for the skin. Applying the gel on affected area should help to relieve the annoying itch and irritation of a scabies rash.


Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is useful in fighting scabies. Since scabies treatments must be applied to the entire skin surface, it is best to find a tea-tree based cream, rather than natural tea tree oil which can irritate skin

Manuka Extract – Having long been used to fight scabies, manuka extract kills mites and provides a soothing relief.


Yoga – The physical postures and breathing exercises comprising the practice of yoga have long been proven by scientific research to promote feelings of relaxation while simultaneously strengthening the body. Research conducted since the 1970s has shown that regular yoga practice not only relieves stress, and stressful emotions such as anxiety and depression, but also improves blood pressure rates and overall cardiovascular health. Yoga is also effective for reducing pain, improving gastrointestinal and respiratory function, and for improving cognitive function and enhancing sight and hearing.

Note: If you are just beginning to explore yoga, it is recommended that you initially do so under the guidance of a trained yoga instructor who can guide you to become aware of the subtleties involved in each yoga posture as well as the corresponding method of breathing.

Qigong – Is a wonderful form of exercise, breath work and meditation to relieve stress and tension in the body. See article section for more information about the art of qigong.

Traditional Chinese Medicine  – Ancient

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