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Natural Cures Audio Book CD 10


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Natural Cures Audio Book CD 10

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Virtually all restaurants have the same problem. In order to make a profit, they have to buy the cheapest food available. They get their food primarily from large, bulk food suppliers that supply hundreds of restaurants in that area. Most restaurants use microwaves to reheat the food right before serving. Most restaurants use frying oil all day and in many cases for days on end. The oil goes rancid in a very short time. That rancid oil is highly carcinogenic.

There are natural and non-surgical ways to prevent you from ever getting sick. There are many organizations such as the FDA, FTC , the drug industry, and other associations that are working together diligently to prevent you from hearing or learning about the truth. Still not convinced it’s all about the money? It’s been reported that right now, corporate corruption is at an all-time high. There’s more corporate fraud going on right now than any other time in history.

Schools right now are given $500 for every child that’s on Ritalin. This gives a major incentive for schools to diagnose children with Attention Deficit Disorder and require the child be put on the drug.

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