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Are you feeling deeply depressed? Find help here


Perhaps you are feeling deeply depressed, perhaps in an unbearable situation. You may be feeling powerless, or that life feels absolutely hopeless and there’s no point in going on. You may be feeling unbearably guilty, frightened, a failure; your feelings may be so confusing that you can’t work out how you feel, but you just know you can’t go on feeling like this. You may even be feeling so enraged with someone that suicide seems like the ultimate revenge. There are many reasons why people consider suicide and they can be complicated. You may be feeling lonely and isolated, you may have suffered a relationship breakdown; perhaps you’ve lost your job or your business has failed. You may be deeply in debt, be facing retirement, unemployed, or have poor job prospects. You may have suffered a bereavement and feel it’s impossible to carry on living without the person you love. Maybe you are being bullied at school, at work or at home. Perhaps you are suffering sexual abuse or domestic violence. You may be in need of protection from someone who is intimidating you.

lifting_depressionYou may not feel able to talk to your family and friends about your difficulties and how you feel; perhaps you don’t think they’ll understand or you don’t want to burden them. Whatever the reason for the way you feel and whatever the situation you find yourself in, there is always hope and there is always help available; emotional and practical. Recovering from suicidal feelings is always possible and the keys to recovery are talking to the right person, taking life one day at a time and not expecting too much of yourself. There are people who care about you even though you may not have met them yet and there are contact details at the bottom of this article. They are waiting for your call. You won’t be judged or rejected; you’ll find yourself talking to someone empathic who is able to help you. There is always hope for a better future however bleak and hopeless things may seem at the moment. Even though you can’t see any hope at the moment you can be certain that the way you are feeling and thinking right now will change for the better.

Gerri Crossley, BACP Accredited Therapist

Blue Monday: There are times when we all feel like there is no way out of a situation and you are losing hope. Have you ever considered a different solution to your problems?

Befrienders (USA and International)
www.befrienders.org    See website for individual helpline in your State

National Hope Line (USA)
Helpline: 1-800-784-2433    www.hopeline.com

Samaritans (UK)
Helpline: 08457 90 90 90    www.samaritans.org.uk

Sane (UK)
Saneline: 0845 767 8000    www.sane.org.uk