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Depression-Free for Life: A Physician`s All-Natural, 5-Step Plan


BookAuthor: Cousens, Gabriel

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Description: Cousens, a psychiatrist and family therapist, and Mayell, former editor-in-chief of Natural Health magazine, offer a drug-free program for alleviating the symptoms of mild to chronic depression by treating the underlying physiological imbalances that are major factors in the disease. With a myriad of depression remedies on the market, from prescription drugs to herbs, and a rapidly increasing number of people seeking relief from depression, Cousens contends that his program incorporates the best of both conventional and holistic techniques. Cousens’ five-step program aims to restore balance to disrupted biochemical processes by increasing the intake of mood-boosting amino acids, vitamin supplements and essential fatty acids and by creating a diet and lifestyle that promote physical and mental well-being. Cousens also discusses the reasons why women are more prone to depression, the limitations of antidepressants and how the suggestions in this book can help people break addictions, including alcoholism and related disorders (ADHD, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder). Anyone who has struggled with depression and found little relief with prescription drugs (Cousens reports that some studies indicate that people who receive no treatment fare as well as those who receive counseling and drugs) will find a lot to consider in this far-reaching look at what remains a debilitating element of many lives.