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DIY Hand Sanitizer


I bet you’d be shocked if you found out that hand sanitizers can actually weaken your immune system!
In recent studies on anti-bacterial products, research has indicated that the more we use hand sanitizers in our households, the more resistant the bacteria may become to our immune systems.
It should also be noted that there is such a thing as “good bacteria” (probiotics) and both antibiotic drugs and sanitizers also kill this type of bacteria. Probiotics are integral to a properly functioning immune system and your overall health. Without the flourishing of this ‘good’ bacteria, your ability to fight off any infections — let alone superbugs — can be compromised.

I know you need to wash your hands, but how about using this formula instead:

In a pump dispenser use

  • 1 cup aloe vera
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 15 drop Eucalyptus
  • 15 drop lemon
  • 10 drop clove
  • 5 drop cinnamin OR 1/4 tsp. onguard cleaner
  • 25 drops onguard

Be sure to shake before using….
To find these essential oils, visit https://www.mydoterra.com/hayleyhobson/