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Dr Michael Midgley, MB, Ch.B, MRCGP, MBKSTS


Having suffered from ME for over 40 years, Dr Michael Midgley, MB, Ch.B, MRCGP, MBKSTS, has experimented at length on his own body by using a number of therapeutic measures. A former trainer in general practice with the NHS, Dr Michael has since discovered natural health and brought his ME under control.

Once house surgeon to John Charnley, the inventor of the artificial hip, as well as house physician to Dr Richard Stone, completing research into tidal drainage of the bladder, Dr Michael has also worked as an army medical officer in Germany. Today, he’s a principal in the single- handed general practice, Overton Studios in the UK’s Colwyn Bay.

Dr Michael believes that myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome and fibromyalgia are all part of a single spectrum of disease, and as such all respond to the same therapeutic approach.

Despite his keen interest in health, Dr Michael says that after 40 years, he’s still learning how to achieve mastery over his ME.

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