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Dry Skin Brushing


Your skin is alive, and is your body’s largest multifunctional organ. Skin brushing supports you in eliminating excess wastes by sloughing off old dry flaky skin and increasing circulation.

  • Dry skin brushing improves health; it stimulates the lymph system and increases blood circulation in underlying organs and tissues.
  • Brushing activates oil and hormone producing glands by opening pores, allowing the skin to breathe freely and still retain its natural oils.
  • Leaves your skin soft and glowing.
  • Brushing increases pore activity and is even more cleansing than soap and water.
  • Removes toxins and other impurities such as uric acid.
  • Contributes to better elimination of fat deposits such as cellulite.
  • Brushing is rejuvenating and powerfully affects the nervous system by awakening the nerve endings in your skin.

Brush before your shower or bath, enema, sauna, hot tub, swim or early morning sun bathing session. Holding the brush in your right hand, place your right foot on a stool, chair or toilet seat. Successful invigorating skin brushing is done by breathing deep with each motion, in and out from your belly. Begin brushing the sole of your foot and move up your leg using gentle upward circular motions, always brushing toward your heart area. Next, brush your right buttocks, right hip, low back and abdomen in the same circular motion. Then, extend your left arm and brush your left hand, the length of your arm, shoulder and back. Gently circle your left breast and chest area.

These steps will have taken only 2-3 minutes; you are half way.

Switch the brush to your left hand repeating the above steps while brushing your other side. You can spend more time on areas you feel may need extra attention such as your knees, hips, buttocks and thighs. When the skin becomes a pinkish hue that is a good sign of increased circulation.

Dry skin brush as part of your daily routine. Soon you will be a pro and find yourself automatically reaching for the brush before your shower or bath. If you enjoy using essential oils, you can rub them on your abdomen after you brush and bathe each day. Your skin will truly enjoy the few extra minutes of love and attention (you are giving yourself).

To cleanse and purify your brush, rinse with water and a drop of mild soap, or wipe down with witch hazel and a clean smooth cotton cloth. To dry, leave brush in the sun or on top of your dryer.