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Easy Healthy Alternative to Pie Crust for a Delicious Whole Food Quiche



Yams are the perfect gluten free replacement for unhealthy pie crust in your next quiche.

Tired of the so-called gluten-free flours and mixes that are just a mix of more impossible to pronounce chemicals? Wondering if there is a healthy way to have your quiche and your health at the same time?

There is a super simple, no-mix, no-mess solution to the never ending make it healthy and make it taste good conundrum when it comes to the traditional eggy, pastry-based delight of quiches. Ready for the secret?

Start with Yams!

That’s right. The delicious, high in fiber, colorful, full of flavor and super versitile yam is the basis for this flourless, gluten free, and yummy quiche.


Wash and dry several large yams

Thinly slice crosswise as you would for an au gratin (think yam or sweet potato chips) using a mandolin for super fast slicing!

After coating your baking pan with olive oil, lay the yam slices in a thin layer of overlapping circles in the shape of a pie crust across the bottom of your baking pan.

Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 20 minutes

While this amazingly simple gluten-free pie crust is baking, put together your quiche filling. For the best results include colorful, savory and varied ingrediants in a saute pan. After browning an onion, reducing two big handfuls of fresh spinach and sauteing a cup or more of fresh mushrooms combine a 1/2 cup of almond or coconut milk and seasonings, such as dash of himylayen sea salt and a half-teaspoon of red pepper in a mixing bowl. Then add in to the wet-mix 4 large eggs plus two egg whites and mix gently with a whisk.

By this time your yam crust is ready. First layer over the crust your veggie mixture then pour over the veggies your gently whisked egg mixture. Sprinkle Feta cheese over the top and place back into your pre-heated 375 degree oven for another 35 minutes.

Pull out, let rest for 10 minutes, slice and serve immediately.

Not only is this recipe simple and easy, the variations are endless. Consider using Sweet Potatoes or a mix of Sweet Potatoes and Yams (the yellow and orange tubers offering complementary flavors and excellent nutrition) together in this whole foods crust.

Or use your imagination to come up with an endless mix of quiche fillings. Here are just a few to get you going:

– asparagus and mushrooms
-caralamized onions and feta (caralalize the onions first, then fold in crumbled feta before combining with your egg mixture and baking)
-grilled chicken, garlic and a sprinkling of chedder (sprinkle chedder across the top after combining your grilled chicken, fresh chopped garlic and egg mixture)
-greens, greens, greens–kale, spinach, baby beet greens and more! (reduce the greens in a saute pan before layering across your yam/sweet potato quiche crust)
-taco quiche–black beans, whole corn kernels, taco seasoning and mild green chilis with a sprinkling of green onions across the top after it’s finished setting
-bacon and chopped veggies (brown the bacon first, pour off the fat, then saute the veggies in the pan for the best bacon flavor with half the fat)

What other healthy quiche combos can you think of for this delicious gluten free whole food crust?